questionshow difficult is it to get a black friday…


No idea. I just use the web.

I'm sure there's other sites and probably a few more localized deals in the paper. But eh this is free and no hassle for me.

I think last year we stopped by 2 gas stations to find a paper for my sister though.


I just went to a busy local gas station today at 4:00pm and there were still plenty left.


We have trouble every year and our best bet for locating a paper is in an actual grocery store.


Mine was waiting for me on the front walk....


@hobbitss: Mine too - I only subscribe to the Wed (food ads), Sat & Sun (weekly ads) newspaper. Fortunately it automatically includes Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas, too. Used more than the newspaper ads, and had a lot of online shopping done by 5am on Thanksgiving morning.