questionswoot's customer service was it good for you?


Ordered wire art for a wall. It was supposed to have three birds. Got only two birds and one of them was missing a beak. Emailed customer service. Three HOURS later they told me they had sold out, were crediting my account, and keep the wire art. Really can't beat that.


Your cheese leaked?
So that's what was all over my recent Woot shipment. Thanks a lot!!

Speaking of my recent Woot shipment, the contents were just fine and the subject of my service experience. You see, it was my replacement Nabi2, that @BigD and Customer Service did a splendid job of addressing.

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Nothing but praise for Woot customer service. The only issue I've had product-wise was with a 7 Piece Künstler Steak Knife Box Set . Some of the handles had hairline cracks. Woot couldn't replace them so they issued a full refund & told me to keep 'em.


Yeah, I have always had really awesome experiences with the Woot CS team. Honestly, other than the d.w community, its really the only reason I am still here!


@j5: Yes, the cheese leaked. ;-) The Reyes 1 lb pkg. of blue cheese...and if you've smelled blue you know that it made the cardboard you say?...ripe :-/. Good to hear your CS experience was a great one, too!


a few weeks ago I ordered the organic popcorn. The bags broke inside the box, thousand of kernels all over the place. I contacted customer support, they told me to keep the popcorn and they gave me a credit. They also sent out replacement bags, but they also should up broken and kernels everywhere. I didn't even bother reaching out them the second time. They did try to fix it the first time. All I would say is woot! needs a way to protect some of their more fragile items.


Woot has always been really great with me in the past, i've probably had 10 problems fixed with no problem :3 Gotta love their excellent CS. Actually I got an email from them today, I'll just leave this here:

Hey CowboyDann,

Sport.Woot here, with some good news/bad news about that Green 24 oz.
Stanley Water Bottle you ordered. Did you know black/green colorblindness isn't recognized by the medical community? We found out while we were trying to come up with an excuse for running out of the green Stanley SS Water Bottles.

That's not cool, we know, so to make it good we're going to refund your order completely AND ship you a black 24 oz. Stanley SS Water Bottle. We know a black water bottle isn't quite the green one you ordered, but we hope the fact that it's free makes up for that fact.

Sorry for the mishap. But hey, free water bottle. That ain't all bad, right?



I have contacted service, now support, maybe 5 times, all from wine.woot orders. I have never once had anything remotely resembling an issue.


Everyone else seems to have had good experiences with Woot CS. Unfortunately, my story is different. You see, Woot is so good at what they do, I've never had to contact them about a shipment!


the few times i've had a problem, where i contacted them they worked with me above and beyond my satisfaction. Only once was there an issue they couldn't directly resolve - so they gave me a partial credit (since the complaint was such that while it affected usability, wasn't crippling - and didn't warrant replacing the entire product, but just a piece of it), and put me in touch with the mfr. directly, to resolve the issue (which they did)


Great experiences here, too. They've replaced shirts that have arrived slightly damaged, packages that have gone missing (sometimes with a bonus random shirt or something similar), when a color was slightly off on a kitchen accessory they sent me out a new color for free... The only time I was not completely satisfied wasn't even woot's fault-- My Fresh Cake Remix got lost, but they were out of stock by the time I realized it was lost, so I just got refunded. Which, I mean, I just REALLY wanted that shirt, which is why I was disappointed. Not actually disappointed in woot's CS.


great experiences whenever I have had the need to contact Woot support or service (depending on when I did it)


I recently had a couple issues - one of them my fault. I sent an email, a real email (not the automated) came within 24 hours with a resolution. Easily one of the top customer experiences I've had to date.


After hearing about all the deals on Woot I decided to do some christmas shopping here.
Big Mistake! I ordered the Lionel Christmas Train on Nov 27th. Thought it would be a great surprise for my son and my wife, she's always remarked how she's wanted a train under the tree.
More than two weeks later, no shipping info and no emails. I send a question on the site, why would you be able to speak with someone on the phone from a company you are doing business with.
Get a reply saying:

In checking, it appears the order did not ship out as it should have. I apologize for that. We unfortunately have none left to have a replacement order sent out to you so a refund has been issued.

What does that even mean? I don't think the train ever sold out before then end. So what did they send some back and just forget my order? Give em to employees for their kids? This is unbelievable they just never sent it, now there's none. No help, no discount, no alternate. Not even a very good apology.


@urdazed1: I'm sorry you didn't get the train; know that you're very disappointed. I think there were 2 trains for sale - unsure of which 1 you ordered. Both show as sold-out. As far as I know (not an employee), woot wouldn't list something that they were planning to gift to employees. No point in that. Probably a miscount on how many they had. IMO, a rapid refund & an "I'm sorry" is good. Many companies give you a run-around for weeks, then promise a refund. And you wait forever to get it.

Caveat: I am not a paid spokesperson :-)

Again, sorry for your disappointment - Give woot another chance. As you can see from the responses here..they DO try their best. And their best is often outstanding.


I have had 2 issues on orders. One got lost in fedex smartpost land. It was replaced with a new shipment. CS called me for a different shipping address so it could be sent fedex home and it arrived a couple days later. The other had a missing piece and CS sent a whole new box. Both really quick and polite responses.

One of several reasons I stay visiting here. Service and common sense are important to me. Bad service and I would not be still buying. I know I am not keeping the place open but I do check out the stuff and purchase here when I can.


@gmwhit: Are you sure you're not looking for a part-time job? ;-) I have always had excellent CS from woot and never been disappointed.


@jsimsace: :-P You have a warped & splendid sense of humor! Those who have read my posts know that I do not have an air-tight bond w/woot. Especially deals. Let's just say that they couldn't begin to pay me enough. Nor would they ever want me as an employee. :-|

Do believe in giving credit when it's due - that's what this question is all about. Too often you only hear the negative side. And I understand that, too. Yet...I like to speak out when there's something positive to say. Happy to do that. BTW: Pleased to hear that you have had execellent CS, too!

You all know I've carped on & on about deals. But that's another story. With many 'oft repeated chapters. Unresolved. Will stop now. Do not want to sully this.


You know how good my CS experience with Woot was the one time I had to contact them? It was so good that I can't remember what I even contacted them about. It went so perfect that I it was almost as if I never had to contact them. No, I'm not kidding. I'm being serious.

I am really happy to hear your experience, though obviously more memorable than mine, went so well. Go Woot!


No. It wasn't good for me.

I ordered two pair of headphones and a "pretzel-dog maker" which never arrived. The USPS tracking said it had, so I spoke with my mail man and he had no recollection of delivering it either way (I get a lot of packages).

I emailed Woot and the customer service gal told me to ask my neighbors. "Hey...I know this may come off weird, but did you receive a package with my name on it and decide to keep it?"

I wasn't expecting a refund or anything...I just couldn't believe she actually suggested I do that.


@kmashaney: Did your issue ever get resolved?


Yes! Thank you for asking. I was actually really happy with the second person I was emailing. The first person probably was't too bad either, I was just upset. Sorry about that. Keep up the good CS!