questionsany experience with this end up furniture?


I had a bunk bed from them growing up. While the top half was eaten by termites during a deployment to the Philippines (basement storage) the bottom returned to the States safely and was in my guest room for years. All told I owned it for about 20 years and it held up great, even through about 8 moves.

We also had a dining room table bought at the same time (1981?) that I didn't inherit when I moved out but my mom kept it until about 2003 when it was ruined in a basement flood. It also survived multiple moves and held up well.

All in all I'd say the quality was top notch.


I am currently laying on a bed from them that I've had ever since I moved out of a crib 20+ years. We haven't bought anything since the store near us went out of business over 10 years ago so I know nothing about the current quality. We have 3 sets of bunk beds, 2 dressers, a bench, a chair, and a few dining room type cabinets. We have not had a single problem with any of these besides finding a place to put it all.

If you like the style then I'd recommend it 100%


Def recommend This End Up... my parents have had a Livingroom set of theirs for 20 years now. You can replace the fabric / cushions as needed. The wood / structure / building of the units themselves are great, solid, sturdy, made to last.


Thanks for the reviews. I ordered a dining room table this morning.


Fantastic furniture for boy's bedrooms. The furniture is sturdy and well made. It can handle the toughest of kids. Scratches, dents, nicks or imperfections blend into the style of the wood. My sons were tough, rugged athletic boys and our purchase over 26 years ago is still in great shape. The bed/ bunk sets, dressers, desk with chair will get passed down to my grandchildren someday. This is furniture made to last…and it does. I highly recommend.