questionsbest electric guitar for lefties?


Pretty good hobbyist guitar. Good sustain etc.

As for amps, look for used ones. You can get way more amperage per dollar that way.

If you want to spend a little less and get about the same guitar.

If you will be doing a little bit more jazzy or bluesy guitar playing try out this semi-hollow:


Any guitar will be the same righty or lefty, lefty will just cost a bit more because it's more expensive to make the guitar upside down, relatively speaking.

If you're looking for a hobby guitar, $400 is probably a good price range. Anything cheaper than that is either a lucky find or garbage (generally speaking).

I'm personally favorable towards Schecter guitars, they're fairly priced and pack a heck of a punch. They have a really smooth neck so they're pretty easy to play.

It ultimately comes down to what kind of music you want to play. For rock/ general, I've been pretty happy with my Schecters. If you wanted a more classic or bluesy tone, you might want a Gibson or Epiphone, probably a maple neck over a rosewood one.

My ultimate suggestion would be to head to a music store like Guitar Center and play around. Ask around here and do some research so you can get an idea of what you're looking for, then go and try out a couple guitars, see whats comfortable. Then shop around


for the best deal. Guitar Center miight not be the best place to get a guitar (though a friend of mine managed to get an absolute steal on a Les Paul so you never know) but it's great for experimenting and learning.

You might not want to try a guitar TOO far out of your price range though. Chances are it'll sound a lot better than one you'd go for and that's a bad way to set yourself up.

But yeah, I've guitar-nerded enough, overall point is to try some for yourself, there isn't going to be one specific make/ model that's better for lefties. Figure what you want to play, and go from there


@thedogma: Thank you so much! Your information has been very helpful. It is actually for my other half. He used to play for fun back in the day but lost touch with it and he mentions it every now and again. Thought this might be a good hobby for him.

I play Viola so I know when picking one out to use, I was very picky with tone, size, etc. and you seem to say roughly the same thing about guitars. I was thinking about making this a x-mas gift but thinking maybe that might not be such a good idea because it might be best for him to go try some out. We have a guitar center about 30 minutes away from us so that works out fine. Just wanted to surprise him.. but thinking it might not pan out as expected.

Thank you - it gives me something to think about!


If you wanted to go cheap (under $200), you could always go with a Squier Strat. Not great, but not awful either. My brother's first guitar.