questionsis it worth planting grass seed if you have dogs?


You could try plotting out small sections and seeding one at a time. We did this with our backyard and we have a dog. The biggest reason our grass doesn't grow well though is because of lots of shade and sandy soil. We sectioned off an area with string and stakes, seeded then did a layer of straw. Our dog stayed off of it for the most part unless he was chasing a critter!


We have 4 dogs (2 Great Danes and 2 Dobberman's) and grass, but we also have dirt. We spent about $100 on grass squares last year, and 1/2 survived. Doing it all together was the error. We learned to fence off small sections as @magiclela suggested. As soon as it was rooted to the ground underneath, it was ok to take the fence down and let the dogs on it. We didn't do seed, as we feared the dogs would just eat it (vs. digging up the squares). This year we have replaced the other half. We still have it fenced for about another 2 weeks, but we will see.

Also, we made trails through the grass we planted last year and the dogs seem to not dig up the grass for the most part, and they use the trails to get to the fence to bark and chase the dogs next door.


agree with @magiclela & @pyxientx to do it in small sections as it is easier to manage. grass is definitely better than no grass when dealing with rain/snow which makes dirt into mud. muddy paw prints are easy to wipe off the linoleum, carpet not so much. tho I do keep towels by the back door for such occasions.

I didn't want to water the grass either, but found that is much better & easier than mud. Set up a timer on the hose/sprinkler and pretty much forget about it.


@pyxientx: Trails are a good idea. Our dogs are tearing up our grass just by running around like maniacs in certain areas. The biggest area is about a 15' square area in the corner where they bark at the neighbor dogs or stare out at the street. Maybe I just need to put a small section of privacy fencing up right there so they don't conglomerate in that corner.


@tippypaws: You can also plant tall plants (we used Silk Road Lillies) in front of the fence so they can not get there. We have done this in a corner where the neighbors refuse to fix their fence. Their dog is small enough to get through, but hasn't been that dumb yet. Mine not being able to get over there has persuaded my dogs that unless the other dog barks, she is just not that interesting.


Dogs are like kids. You just can't have nice things when you have them. Try astroturf.


There are ways to keep your grass green.. 1 thing is to use a nitrogen resistant plant like clover. If you can plant clover in an area and train your dog to go there, your grass will be saved. This is easier to do if you have female dogs, as male dogs like to "mark their territory" in multiple areas around your yard.

Another measure to help is to use this:

It will neutralize the nitrogen in your dogs urine and save your grass. Urine itself isn't bad for your grass, in fact grass needs nitrogen to thrive, however too much of a good thing... is bad

If you use fertilizer, you may want to switch to a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

Lastly, what you can do is after each time your dog pees, you can water it down with a hose (this is a lot of effort, but it comes down to how much you want your grass to live)


Growing up, same as jordan711, we had dogs and a nice yard, no problem. Our dogs crapped in the neighbors' yards.


I forgot to add, if you want to help train your dog to pee in 1 spot, it can be done, but it's a little... messy..

You have to "collect your dogs pee", and then soak a plank of wood (stake preferred) in their urine. Basically what this does is collects a high amount of their own scent and will attract them to it.

If you ever take your dog for a walk and notice they like to pee in the same places each time, it's because they want to keep reinforcing their scent in that spot.

You only have to soak the plank of wood once, the dog will keep it soaked there on out. You can also take the dog to it (on a leash) every time they have to go for a week or so and give them a treat when they go on the stake. This positive reinforcement will train your dog to only go there.

I used this method with my parent's dog Lex. He has a huge backyard to play in, but I trained him to go near an old cut tree trunk.


@crowbite: Ha! First time today I laughed out loud!


Thanks devexityspace this was the sort of info i needed before i bring my new pup home :)


The reason the urine is burning the grass is because the dogs ph balance is off. Most likely from the grains in their food. Have their urine tested and work with a vet nutritionalist to find the right balance by adjusting their diet. My dogs are raw fed and have a perfect ph balance. No burned spots in the grass. My one dog pees in the exact same place every time and that is where the grass is the thickest and greenest.


I have two dogs and I can't imagine that if I tried to train one of mine that he would follow this rule. I can't get him to pee on his pee pad!!