questionshow do i get the 49.99 mac wagon deal?


hello, and welcome to deals.woot. we hope you enjoy your stay.

if you're talking about this deals:

it's a year old and has probably expired by now. deals.woot is a deal aggregator and doesn't sell anything. if you see something you like, click on the deal and then click on the 'I want one' link. but, just like milk on a radiator, deals do eventually expire. so, be quick!


@carl669: thanks. I just noticed the Dec. 14th I didn't look at the year. I'm a 1st timer and computer illiterate!


@cyste: you're welcome.

and if you're still interested and have a Sam's club near you, it can still be had for $56:


@carl669: Well done, sir. Very nice, and very helpful.


@cyste: Welcome! You have already made a good impression by responding to @carl669 Many (most?) people who are new to the community will ask a question like yours and then never acknowledge that they saw the answer.

A quick intro to how the site works was put together by @lichme and can be found here. If you have any other questions, you'll find our community to be very friendly and helpful, as demonstrated by @carl669 responses above.


@carl669: Milk on a radiator? That's another new one on me!. BTW, thanks on the OP's behalf for being kind. Is parenthood kicking in? ;)


@jsimsace: yeah. i think the lack of sleep is making me lose my edge. :)