questionswith the low snow fall this year, should we…


Hopefully yes, realistically probably not.


I would say no. I worked for Home Depot through college. They, and other retailers of heavy duty appliances, sell those items back to the manufacturer at the end of the season (that's why you can't go to HD in June and buy a snow blower or even most specific parts/belts/etc for season machines). Because of the competition in the market, those companies always tend to order more than they can sell, just in case the gigundo snow storm hits and a frenzy starts.


I'm hoping that'll be the case for winter outerwear during the Presidents' Day sales.


@pamfenway: That's a good point. Clothing will probably be more likely to be discounted than snow blowers since they will want to get the new styles in for the next year.


I actually got a great price on a snow blower in the begining of October.