questionswhat do you use to polish furniture?


I use Lemon Oil on some of my antique pieces. I also like Old English scratch cover. I apply it to the entire piece and polish it off. It comes in a couple of shades for light and dark furniture.


Before I got lazy I used Lemon Pledge.


Furniture that dirty I use Murphy's then let it rest for a day. Try to make sure to dry it the best you can when using the Murphy's and water. When it's dry, I use Howard Feed-N-Wax. I think you can find it at Home Depot or Lowe's. I get mine at my favorite antique shop. It really brightens up the finish.


Don't use a product like Pledge on old wooden furniture. It's just a shiny wax. Use penetrative lemon oil product every few months (depending on the humididty in your area.) Coat well, let it sit, then polish. You're basically moisturizing the wood so it doesn't get dry and crack. I live near the desert and got lazy recently. Have a hutch that I just noticed has a nice big crack in the cabinet door. Bummed.


When I installed carpet we used liquid gold to 'fix scratches'


Do the lemon oil thing. Some folk will add tung oil to it, to firm up old wood.
Then Johnson's Paste wax. It can be a pita to use, but it's good stuff.


Murphy's oil soap once a month. Scott's liquid gold once a month. Wipe down with clean rag in between.


Thanks everybody. I appreciate the answers.


I have no furniture from Poland, so I can't help you.