questionsdid you see the ending of the packers/seahawks…


To say the least, it is by far the worst call I have ever seen in a football game, bar-none.

Yesterday's Titans vs Lions game wasn't much better. So many non-calls, bad calls, and reversed calls that it nearly cost them the game as well.

Something has to change or the fans are going to start turning off their TVs and boycott the NFL. No one is happy about the way they've been officiating, and most are infuriated.


With the kind of leverage the NFLRA are building up here in negotiations, I can only hope they make acquiescing to the NHLPA's demands a condition of coming back. Terrible calls that flip the outcomes of games are bad, but not worse than the prospect of a winter without hockey.


Yes, I saw the ending of that game. It was a travesty. If there is any justice or decency in the NFL head office, Roger Goodell would overturn the call and award the win to the Packers.

As a fan who has thousands of my hard earned dollars over the years for tickets, t-shirts, cable access for MNF and other football apparel I am furious over how the NFL has failed with the referee situation. These clearly inferior referees are destroying a game we all love.

This won't have any effect on the commissioner or the owners, but as an irate fan I am declaring NO CONFIDENCE in the replacement referees and NO CONFIDENCE in the owners and commissioner Roger Goodell for their total lack of leadership and utter contempt for the fans.

Players and coaches should not have to take the field under the threat that all their blood, sweat and hard work should be nullified by an egregious call by inferior officials; and fans should not have to watch games under the same threat. More>>>


Roger Goodell...please pay and bring the refs back it's getting ridiculous.


If the fans want to initiate any real change in the current situation they must respond in a unified and clear voice. Come next weekend we NFL fans should turn off our tv sets, stay away from the stadiums and not purchase a single iota of NFL licensed paraphernalia and deny the owners and NFL office an entire week's worth of income.

In a free market system we consumers vote for products we like best with our dollars. If we continue to buy tickets, watch the games on tv and buy NFL stuff we are voting that we are willing to accept an inferior product. No other league in the U. S. offers football played at the highest level as the NFL. Without competition for our dollars the league enjoys a sort of monopoly in that market and the league will continue to provide a poor quality of product. We must therefore deny the league our dollars to force a change in the status quo or the fans will suffer more such awful displays as was experienced on Monday Night.


Some good video of the call and some interesting bits of info on the Yahoo article about it:

One thing pointed out in that article that I hadn't noticed since I was paying so much attention to the catch - blatant offensive pass interference by The Seahawk's Golden Tate shoving Sam Shields down which if called might have negated the whole play anyway.


Insane! What the heck is happening to football? It's not even like college ball. It's just sad and stupid. They need to fire all these Lingerie Football League refs. Seriously. If that's how they call even in that league its still a shame.


Seahawks fans seemed to like it.....


One thing should be noted: people were complaining about the same atrocious calls even when the official refs were working the games. Remember the Ed Hochuli call of an incomplete pass on a fumble that gave the Broncos a win? Or how about the Brady tuck rule?

Serious mistakes will be made, and people will certainly b..... No matter who's officiating.


Here in Wisconsin, I suspect no work is going to get done all day.


@clanecks: Have you watched any of the games recently? I watched 4 this weekend and in every single game, there were at least 3 atrocious calls made (that one play had three). Mistakes are made much more frequently with these stand-in refs as they are way out of their league.

I think the NFL is learning that they need to pay for talent and experience everywhere on the field.


Nope, but if Twitter and FB are to be believed, things were nuts.


All I can say is WOW!
Worst call I have ever seen.


Even the real refs could have made that touchdown call but it was the missed OPI call that cost the Packers the game and would have made the whole catch/INT debate moot. Most importantly the game is over and done so whining all week about it won't change the result. It hasn't been 12 hours yet and I'm sick of both sides. Lets just agree that the "refs" made terrible calls against both sides that could have changed the game well before it got to a Hail Mary.


As a Seahawks fan (or, at least, someone who lives near the Seattle area and feels an obligation to normally make a token show of support for the local team), I gotta say the refs blew it.

When it was first announced that replacements refs were going to be used, I was willing to give them a chance. After all, they do all have some level of experience in officiating football games, whether in college games or some other semi-pro level. But these guys aren't even improving with time. If anything, they're getting worse every week.

And it's not even so much the blown calls that bother me, because as we know the regular refs have made their share of mistakes as well. But these replacement refs have shown ZERO ability to manage the game and keep the players under control. As far as I'm concerned, this season doesn't even count any more and whoever wins the Super Bowl will do so with a big ol' asterisk next to their name.


I heard they're even letting women officiate now....


I agree that bad calls can be made by the locked out referees, too. However, I thought the review of all scoring plays meant the play was reviewed instead of just the call on the field. The review crew is the regular staff not replacements. The news snips I have seen and read so far seem to indicate the review crew was correct to uphold the call on the field because the call was a judgement one that is not reviewable. If what I am hearing is correct (and I do not know at this point) the rule needs changed.

If I was on the commitee to improve the rule.....Review the entire game and use technology to get the information to the head referee. Why do the announcers have time look and confer after each play? The same is available to improve the game and should be.

While I are dreaming, add gps to the balls and zero right in on the spot of the ball ;)


OK, couple days late, but I was busy. The ONLY blame to be made would be on the Packers defensive backs not knocking that ball out of bounds. Attempting an interception might look good on your stat sheet, but risk having the receivers trying to re-obtain the ball, leaving the call up to the officials. Please blame Jennings for the loss.

Anyone that disagrees has NEVER played organized football(at least not well).