questionsdoes anyone have experience with weathertech…


Those sound pretty darned expensive to me. I would go with the "cut a hole in the cheap ones" option then change them when necessary.


@jsimsace: It probably depends on what you do with your car. I have two sons, a dog and spend a lot of time out of doors. Since I keep my cars for at least 10 years, I tend to spend more on floormats and seat covers so I can things presentable longer. It's also nice to be able to take the floor mats out and simply hose them out if things get too bad.


I think my buddy has them in his car, and he likes them. I'm too cheap for that. I bought some chinese mats that hold snow and water (and mud), and since they didn't quite fit, I bought a small throwdown (rag rug?)rug to put under it. The rug (surprisingly) covered my whole floor area and then I put the chinese mat on top of that. I still manage to get some dirt under all of this protection, but hardly anything to speak of. The rug can be tossed in a washer or hosed off and hung outside till dry. The rug gets pretty nasty in the winter from the snow/ice/salt/cinder/sand mess on they put on walkways and roads.

my solution for car seat covers is I go to a fabric store, find a pattern I want in material that will hold up, then I buy a bunch of it and use scissors to get it somewhat close to fitting with lots of leftover. I then throw it overtop of the seats and tuck it in. 4 years on the one vehicle and I take it out and wash it periodically. seats are like brand new.


I've never bought the WeatherTech ones, but I have Husky Liners (I believe they're very similar) in my truck and I love them. They catch all of the sand and grit and salt (I'm in the NorthEast). I had them in my Grand Cherokee too. It's nice because when you track in snow/salt, you can just dump them and the salt doesn't get to the carpet and eat at the floor boards from the inside. It's also nice for sand because it's easy to pull them out and dump them. They're very durable and don't really move. It was one of the first things I bought for my truck when I got it. They make vacuuming and cleaning so much easier. They catch all of that big gulp soda you spill too. What can I say, I'm clumsy.


I bought them for my Blazer (truck before this one). The one that fit in the back area was absolutely wonderful. Fit perfectly and caught all kinds of spills, dirt, and other stuff. I also got them for the front of the car.

They are somewhat expensive, but they are fit (and fit well) to your car, they wear well and look good. Also, if this is important to you, they are designed and made in the United States.


Bought the mats for my bro's new car around x-mas. They fit perfectly and have a hole and cap for the floor hooks on the drivers side. They do not slide at all and have a perfect fit around the walls and center console. He skis in the winter and does all outdoor activities in the summer from biking, kayaking to working on old cars and outdoor work and the carpet doesn't have a mark on it. The mats have gotten pretty messy but taking them out and hosing them down does the trick.

My bro purchased Husky Liners for my mothers 5 year old car (same model different gen). They were $100 less ($200 for WT front/rears vs $100 in Husky). They work well but fit not as tight (fits along floor but not tight fit up side walls). They do not have cutout for floor hook or trunk/gas release, but have spiked bottoms. Because of form fit and spikes they do not slide but seem less stable then the WT. Much stiffer rubber.

For old car that has wear Husky will do the job but WT are better made IMHO.


I am a big fan of WeatherTech. The side window deflectors fit into the window channel as opposed to the same product from other manufacturers that stick on to the outside and look terrible. The hood stone & bug deflectors are very effective. Last are the laser floor mats, fit perfectly, holding tons of slush and crud, and for my car the color was dead on. If you want to buy floor mats once and have perfect protection, spend the money and get the best. I am not an employee, just a fan of great products.