questionsdid you see the president of chick-fil-a did it…


The guy just can't help himself. There's got to be some sort of cognitive dissonance if you're against gay marriage but you also eat seafood or refuse to sacrifice animals or you mix your crops. Wouldn't it just be easier to admit you're a bigot or something?


I used to think that being an a-hole was a genetic, and people were just born that way, but now I realize it is a choice. A choice this guy just can't resist.

@zuiquan are you suggesting he mixes his crops as well!


@pickypickypicky: I'm willing to bet he does. But you never know.


I figure he also wears cotton-poly shirts and nylon-spandex undies. And Speedos.

And yes, we've had our own personal boycott going for some time.

Maybe he's not aware that Exodus has closed its doors and its president has issued a heartfelt apology to the LGBT community for his misguided attempts to change people's orientation.


His post is reasonable for a man of his conviction. We are still able to voice our opinions aren't we? (or did the Supreme Court strike that down too??). As for Exodus, the founder turned out to be a closet bi-sexual; he is married w/ kids but still attracted to men. Maybe someone of higher self-restraint will champion the same idea. Anyhow, it would probably be in vain as this nation's moral decline is in a rapid and steep decline. Very sad. There's my 2-cents. Let the down-votes and vitriolic comments commence!

P.S. - No, I'm not a bigot, homophobe, etc., etc. ... Just saddened by the direction this once Great Country is headed. There are no longer any absolutes; if it feels good and makes you happy do it! If it's against the law, we'll protest to change the laws to support us! You get the point.


So what else is new. I don't see why a fast food peddler should make anyone upset with his views. His beliefs are well documented and not all that many here agree with them. That makes this a trollish question.


just imagine if your every statement could get YOU fired, boycotted, and death threats. Beat your girlfriend like chris brown did, and people still buy your music. Run dog fights like michael vic, and you get your career back. But god forbid you should admit to SAYING something, then they want to shut down your restaurants, cancel your shows, and ruin your life. Remember that it was the liberal president Bill Clinton who signed DOMA into law, and the democrat-controlled congress who passed it. Until last year, President Obama and Hillary Clinton were both opposed to same sex marriage as well. Are they bigots? What the president of chic filet is getting slammed for is very similar to what president Obama was saying on the campaign trail not very long ago. Personally I could care less about DOMA or same sex marriage.... I'm just sick of the argument and want to slap anyone who brings the topic up, no matter which side of the debate they're on.


oh, and I have no doubt that your boycott is deeply affecting him and his company [/sarcasm]


I'm okay with gay marriage, and I also support Chick-Fil-A. We live in a free country, and I think people have a right to express whatever opinions they want. Personally, I wish companies would refrain from getting involved in political or social arguments if for no other reason than to avoid conflicts like this. The problem I have is that for a lot of liberals, freedom of speech is great so long as it's speech they agree with.

By the way, I don't think your boycotts are doing very much good. The Chick-Fil-A closest to where I live had to install a second drive-thru line to try to keep traffic from blocking the road. It helped but didn't completely solve the problem.


I don't care what his opinion of gay marriage is, I like chik-fil-a. He's only expressing his opinion, no one stands at the door and ask what I believe or if I'm gay. The company closes on Sunday, they are obviously religous. It also stands to reason that they oppose gay marriage. big deal. maybe the CEO should keep his mouth shut but so should Paula Deen. It would make their lives easier and they wouldn't have to deal with your judgement.

I think I'll have a chik-fil-a sandwich in your honor.


I'm all for free speech, as long as I agree with what you have to say.


When you are speaking for yourself, I have the option to ignore you, not talk to you, not be your friend. Free speech in no way guarantees your right to an audience or approval for your spoken views.

When you are the face of a company, and push your political agenda policies through your company; you are making the company an extension of yourself. If I choose to ignore you, and not support you by giving your company my money, that is my right. How is that a violation of your right to free speech?

Freedom of Speech does not give you freedom from consequences. When the Dixie Chicks ran their mouth overseas about their (leftist) political beliefs - they lost a ton of (right-wing) fans, would any of you say that was wrong?

(I don't have a Chik Fil A nearby, so no real dog in this fight.)


@jazzsinger: I could not agree more with your statement of " The problem I have is that for a lot of liberals, freedom of speech is great so long as it's speech they agree with."


I have no problem with him expressing his opinion. I did, however, take issue with money from the company going to directly support anti-gay organizations. For that reason, I refuse to patronize the business.

I'm sure that I regularly spend money with vendors whose profits support causes I disagree with. But this one I am aware of. So, I miss their nuggets - but I sleep a little better.


@finzup & @jassinger: It's probably not right to limit that statement to liberals only - it seems like a much more universal truth.