questionsany good deels on bluetooth enabled mp3 players?


They still make pagers?

iPod Touch is nice. What's your budget?


Here are a couple, I hope people will tell me if they are any good:

Samsung YP-P2JAR Red 4GB MP3 and Video Player with Bluetooth for $73.46:

iriver SPINN 4GB Multimedia Player (Silver) with Bluetooth for $69.99:


@chris12345: Maybe something like the Samsung. I don't want to spend the kind of $ apple commands. I have one of the Sansa MP3 players from Woot I got awhile ago. It meets my music needs, but I hate having the cords tangling around me. I've Googled a couple of players but though I'd see which ones the Wooters recommend.


I just picked my jaw back up off my chest. I can't picture replacing a blackberry with a pager. shudder A. Pager. I am so sorry.

I knew a support tech once that told them she wouldn't carry a pager. They gave her one anyway, and she took in in the restroom and flushed it, then told them it was lost. Next week, same thing. Fortunately, after the second time, they caught on, and quit trying to make someone who was otherwise a valuable and useful employee miserable.

Pager. I'm really sorry.


@shrdlu: It's not too bad, my clients can't call me. My boss can't get a hold of me for every little thing. I have a great excuse when I don't WANT to reply. (I was out of range!)


The Samsung P3 is simply awesome. I've got one and it's great. I highly recommend it. Here's a great review -

Samsung has a bit newer bluetooth-enabled mp3 players that you can look into too. Another choice would be the Cowon S9 which is also a very excellent player.


@poopelyse: Looks impressive, but for around the same $'s I could get the iPod touch with WiFi. What makes the Samsung w/o WiFi better than the iPod with?


The new creative zen style m bluetooth mp3 player seems pretty cool and is really cheap. It also has fm radio, microSD slot, clock and photo/video playback.

You can check it out here:


Have you considered in purchasing a refurbished Blackberry?
You can get one for less than $50. Whether Verizon or ATT compatible wouldn't matter because you're only using it for MP3 playing. And you know the Bluetooth works.
With RIM products on the decline, their low end products are becoming very affordable.


Bought my sony walkman mp3 from Amazon and it is really awesome. I'm so excited that I want to share the discount that I received with everyone: - just read all the reviews, you will not be disappointed.