questionscreative uses for a mattress coil frame…


Make these for the children of the neighborhood


Been there, done that.

I cut up the springs, too, but I can't remember what I used as it was 10 years ago. I might have used a hacksaw. I got some use out of the wood from the base, but foam went in the trash and the metal went to recycling.


Build a large fire and burn it.
It won't be as much fun without the fabric on it, but steel will burn if the fire is hot enough.

Make some yard art.


go to the hardware store and buy a pair of bolt cutters to cut it up. or put a metal blade in your recrocating saw. or set it on the curb for one of those guys that collects metal to recycle/sell.


Thanks for the very amusing though completely unhelpful responses :-P

I'm gonna list it on Craigslist for free. Maybe some artsy type will want it. Otherwise, there's a $7 pair of bolt cutters on Amazon that's got our name on it.


Less than 2 hours after I posted on Craigslist and it's gone!

I asked the lucky recipient what he was gonna do with it and he said he was just going to recycle it ¬_¬


@thewronggrape: Ya sorry about the useless response. I figured it would move the question up for someone else to see.
So Win WIn. You got rid of it and good for the environment!