questionswhere to find sheets for an adjustable split king…


Here, maybe:

or here:

Or here:

You're going to have some difficulty meeting your expectations, primarily because twin XL is hard to find, most sheets these days are sold in sets, and microfiber is becoming ubiquitous. You're like going to have to settle for sheet sets, which actually seems pretty reasonable if you already have king size sheets.


If you are looking for some nice twin XL those aren't so hard to find. I did some searches for you to make sure that my memory served me correctly.
These are nice quality sheets. Check for coupon codes for these sites. As you mentioned a price range. You can often get a deal. Right now Land's end has a 40% off everything code -- posted somewhere on deals.

Garnet Hill
Lands End
The Company Store



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As mentioned. The above are mostly more $$ BUT you can find sales and coupon codes to make them worth looking at.

Sierra Trading post sometimes gets in some very nice quality and deeply discounted sheets.
The only think in XLT right now is a complete "dorm" set . If you set a request thingy, they will notify you when you get what you want in stock.

Happy Shopping.


Bed Bath and Beyond in my area caters to college students who are always looking for Twin XL sheets. It does sound like a cool are you liking it?


My mom just used regular twin sheets. I have a twin-XL bed and I find sheets at Walmart and Target.


Thanks for all of the ideas, everyone! We are supposed to have the new bed delivered by the end of the week. I really hope so; my poor hubby with immense back/neck pain can't wait.


I have drawstring sheets on my adjustable queen but just baught a split king. The company does not have split king sheets! (Aaah!) I don't know if it exists anywhere. Maybe someone knows of a local store that sells drawstring sheets in split king. Please post an answer if you do. Or maybe if enough requests are made this company will start making split king:

The sheets work great but if I can't get split king, the bed is much less appealing to us.


@laserrabbit: The twin-xl sheets should work, just get 2.


@laserrabbit: Hey, thanks for the tip! Turns out this company is right in my local area. I've ordered the twin xl set of 2 for our bed. I've tried other sheet sets from JCPenney's and have had the biggest problem keeping the bottom sheets on the bed. I've tried using "bed bands" and those little clips as well. No good results. The hubby always ends up with his sheets twisted and falling off.

So hopefully these drawstring sheets will do the job. Just wish they came in some other color than white. Oh well, we can pretend that we're always on vacation at a spiffy hotel!


@hot72chev: kinda late response, but we love this bed! really helps with hubby's ability to find a comfortable way to get to sleep, and helps for me to keep the head of the bed raised just enough for me to breathe. I have the dreaded nighttime stuffy nose, which leads to major snoring, or so ive been told!


I found split kings at The had 530 count sheets and they were really nice. Most of the split kings i have bought were not good quality, these sheets were awesome...

vote-for0vote-against also has split king sheet sets with plenty of thread count and colors to select from. Do read the reviews for each. I've gotten some 530 tc sheet sets that I've used for over three years now.