questionsdo you think you can get back into woot-offing!?


I don't even bother to look at the Woot-offs any more. Not that much of a deal, and mostly junk. I used to use a phone app to monitor them, but I uninstalled that about 8 months ago. Not interested any more.


I'm not really sure why they still do woot offs - or have moofi deals either.

The Woot Plus sales seem to cover all the junk they couldn't move as main page items.


Woot-offs still have BOCs? I haven't seen one so I had no idea.


W00t-offing? or W00ting-off?


I blame deals.woot community questions and other chat options for killing the item discussions. During a woot-off, people used hang out in item discussion pages. Now they're here or in turntable or mibbet chat rooms.


I have been on the Interwebz Wagon at work, and I am in serious withdrawal. I promised myself I'd be good after vacation and not do any personal surfing at the office. I miss my Woot friends, I miss ATC, and now I find out I am missing a Woot-Off. Sad, sad, sad.


@hot72chev: Missing a Woot-off is no big deal. But we have been missing YOU.


Not for the present. Making a site that worked as woot did involved a special magic. Think of allow the other daily deal sites that tried to be a new woot and were just deal sites.