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I'm pleased with the Blackberry Playbook I bought from a deals posting here ($120 + shipping from Cowboom). One can side load Android apps on it, though that may change in the next OS update.


You certainly couldn't go wrong with a kindle fire. I haven't used one personally (I'm iPad through and through) but my friends who have it seem to be happy with it.


I don't know anything about tablets, but I did see this at moofi, yesterday(?)

There are lot of positive comments and there is also a link to the forum that has more comments. This might be something to check into.

I'm using the acer iconia a500. I like it, but it is more than $200.


Comic reading Apps look beautiful on the Kindle Fire... very vivid... like every page is high gloss... she will be happy with this I'm sure.


For budget? try Nook Color with CM7 Get a refurb NC. You will be about 150.00 total with a boot card for CM7. See XDA.developers if you want to make your own card and save a couple bucks.


I bought my touchpad specifically for reading comic books.
The screen size is ideal for comics.
looks like you can still snag one on moofi


@wilcononomous: good call, i just tagged in for one.

I wanted to stay under 200, but 250 for a 300 dollar tablet, and a ten inch at that, sounds solid.

reviews look good so long as i don't get one of the bricked ones :)


I use my Zenithink 2 tablet for reading comics.. I picked up mine for $140 a little over a year ago.


People can downvote all they want, but so far I've seen nothing like the iPad yet. You can pick up a refurb 16GB Gen 1 with wi-fi for $299 at the Apple store. Since it's Apple-refurbished it comes with a 1 year warranty.


I have a cm'd nook color, and an iPod. I use the nook. Flexibility, and the more convenient size, win the day for me (also, the iPad keyboard is absolutely infuriating, where's you can put Swype on the nook


@jsimsace: No offence but it is 3 generations old, and refurbished, and still cost $300!?!
That does not sound like the "Best budget tablet" per the OP's question.


When you are thinking about your budget, are you going to save any money with using it for comic books and media? I bought a touchpad when they were firesold and I have put android on it. In my opinion, it is really not worth more than $150, and if you are going to spend over ~$200 for something, get a tablet that is supported. Cyanogen Mod has a lot of support, but I think there is still a big difference in buying something that actually has a company supporting it. Also screen size is something to think about. Xooms seem to be selling pretty cheaply and are supported by Google, but I am unsure if the screen quality. All and all, don't restrict your budget too much and get something that is almost good enough when just a little bit more will get you something you would be ultimately happier with (sorry for long post)


@caffeine_dude: I see your point, but I don't see where the OP set a "budget" price. He mentions seeing "sub-200 dollar tablets" and wondering where his money would be best spent. I gave my opinion, and even though it is older I still think that it has the most bang for the buck.


I have the HP touchpad and I mostly use it as a comic reader. If you go this route you can either stick with WebOS (out of the box) or use Cyanogen mod to put Android on it. If you stick with WebOS it has a pretty good browser (with flash support) and a decent email program. For comic reading I'd suggest Comic shelf HD ($0.99) which supports cbr/cbz files and the display resolution is on par with the iPad 2. Videos is a little trickier as the touchpad only supports mp4 files so you'll either have to find a converter or get Kalemsoft media player ($6.99) which handles most file formats. App wise the WebOS store is pretty sparse but you do have some basic games (Angry birds is on almost EVERY platform imaginable at this point. If you choose to go android you'll have to "root" it via Cyanogen mod which is simple and functional while still being in the alpha stage. B&N's Nook and Amazon's Kindle Fire are a good deal (Although the nook has expandable storage while the Kindle fire doesn't)


@jsimsace: And that is why I did not downvote you.


for games, make sure you focus on the processor. Kindle fire is the lowest price for a dual-core processor.