questionsdoes anyone know why the bottom button hole on…


Because when you tuck your shirt into your pants the button will slip out of the hole when you tuck it in if it was vertical. Thats why they make it horizontal so the button doesnt become undone when you tuck it in.


@rhbama13: I figured your answer was the reason behind it. I would think a horizontal button would be MORE susceptible to coming undone as the tucked-in portion of the shirt shifts up and down around the waistband throughout the day (not to mention the motion of sitting down/standing up would flex the shirt in the proper direction to undo a horizontal button). I also have shirts with all vertical button holes and have never had the bottom button come undone, although buttons in the middle of some shirts have popped open from time to time. Kooky.


I've always assumed it was just as a signal to the buttoner that the final button has been reached. I have a couple of shirts where the bottom button is vertical and I've never noticed that it comes undone when tucked in.


Great question, I've wondered this for many a year.


I've been wondering that recently too! Wasn't sure where to get an answer...I guess Woot forums it is. I also figured it was to signal the end of the shirt. And a lot of shirts have extra buttons at the bottom. Wouldn't want to spend any time trying to button those into a nonexistent hole. Glad the shirt got the message across that I was done. Smart shirt...


Yea, seems silly to me. I have several shirts that are this way, and of course, several shirts that are NOT this way...none of them (either style) ever come unbuttoned....
Supposedly it is the "stronger position" with movement of the shirt. Like the others said, it's supposed to keep it tucked in. Also, from what I read, apparently, there may be more stress on the buttons if you have a rather large waist, and you can hide this horizontal button beneath the pants so it doesn't look weird, yet still achieves the purpose of keeping the shirt buttoned.


I button my shirts starting from the bottom and this makes it easier to confirm that the buttons and holes are properly aligned so I don't get to the top and realize they weren't aligned (it has happened with shirts that don't have the perpendicular hole). I suppose another solution would just be to start at the top...


I have had shirts come unbuttoned at the last button. Couldn't tell you the direct in of the hole as I have both. But it does happen.


In reality we've been trolled all these years, some guy in 1890 gave a huge trollface when he submitted his shirt for production with a slightly different bottom button. Problem?


It's to allow the bottom of the shirt to expand/stretch sideways along the button hole. This is useful for when you sit down and the shirt gets stretched.


From the internets
"Why are neckline/collar buttonholes on shirts are always horizontal (as are almost all center-front buttonholes on outerwear)? Because horizontal buttonholes take horizontal stress with less deformation of the buttonhole shape and offer much less likelihood of the button pulling out from such stress than do vertical ones...




... "But this results in the button being pulled to the end of the hole rather than staying centered. Since a well fitted shirt shouldn’t naturally have any fitting stress across its width above the waist, the custom is to prefer vertical holes with centered buttons above the tuck-in level; they look better, especially on a vertically striped fabric. Below the belt or at the waist, where there might be more stress, you can revert to the stronger position…and demonstrate that you (the maker) are willing to take the time to shift the shirt to change the placement of the hole, further proof that your expensive shirt is worth the money."


it's an extra button just in case you lose one of the others ? that's what i always thought .