questionshow do i get notified of new woot plus items…


Each woot plus sale lists a time and date that it closes, for example the memory foam toppers on woot close 9/13 at 9am central time. Which normally means you can bet on 9/13 at 9am central time a new sale will start. At least that is how I keep track, I just watch for when the other sales end.


@lmensor: Thanks, but aren't there different dates and times involved for each Woot Plus? Unlike, which everyone knows has one set time each day a new product is to be listed, there are multiple areas, dates, and times. I guess I wanted all the Woot Plus items pulled together in some kind of app or just on one page. Just one simple way to see it all at a glance and to be alerted. I guess I am lazy.


It's possible I get booed out of this question altogether, but I post the new ones to our Pinterest board here every morning M-F:

I personally do not love Pinterest, but I think having all our Plus sales there has helped me visualize them better. You don't need an account, and clicking on the photo will take you directly to the Plus sale.


@agingdragqueen: You won't get booed by me. That is a good idea. I belong to Pinterest and just followed you. I can add your page as a home page on my browser and see the deals each day now. Thanks! :)


@mtrlgrl: I usually just check all the wootplus sites after 9c every day - I can never remember exactly which ones are going to change over when. I use the drop down menus at the top to see what has changed. Although sometimes I don't get a chance (stupid work) and that's usually when I miss out on the stuff I really want!

I follow the Pinterest board already, but hadn't thought about that being a better way of keeping up with it until now...thanks @agingdragqueen!


@agingdragqueen: Thanks for the link! I find that much easier to get an idea of what sales are going on at one time :)