questionswhat is wrong with people?


What a terrible tragedy. AP has already deemed this event to be the worst school related tragedy in US History. Confirmed 27 dead, including 18 children, just runs chills down my spine. Here are a couple of links with pretty up to date information regarding the school shooting...


Heart goes out to everyone affected. Already social media is trying to make political points... a sad state of affairs in our world, and I hope people will drop agendas and simply work to support and start healing rather exploiting these tender young lives.


My heart sank when I found out about this. I'm not going to join in the speculations. Rest in peace young ones, my prayers are with your families that they may get through this somehow.


More importantly, how can we prevent this from ever happening again? I cannot believe it, i feel for those parents who lost kids, and those who're still waiting to find out about their children.

Do something nice for someone today, try to help offset these horrible, horrible actions.


This world is a messed up place full of broken and hurting people. Sometimes those people do horrible things for unimaginable reasons. And we'll probably never really understand why.
Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. Call up that friend you've been meaning to get together with and find the time to grab a milkshake. Write a note to that person who means so much to you but might not quite realize how much. We're all in this together and realizing that is the only way we get through it all.


@gt0163c: I hope I can get to that place. Right now I just feel sick and angry. I can't even begin to imagine what all of those children and families are going through.

I know it's not helpful to respond with anger right now, but when I think of some human being standing in a classroom full of terrified kindergartners and spraying them with bullets, I don't know how else to feel. I just . . . I don't know.


So, so sad. They were just little kids. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

My own kids will be walking in the door in a little while, and I intend on giving them extra big hugs.


This is horrendous. I turned on the news to see a parent describing what it was like to wait with all of the other parents for their children, then to have 20 parents be told (after they thought their child was okay) that their kid was one of the ones who got shot. I just can't.... It was a place filled with hopeful, defenseless children.


Should see the stupidity in my Twitter feed right now.
So much stupidity about this shooting and gun control it's hilarious. People are stupid and hateful.
Sad that these poor children where caught in a lunatics rampage. From the way it sounds he was after his mother who taught there.


This is beyond heartbreaking. I know there are other holidays aside from Christmas, but I don't know how they work. All I know is that I can't imagine what it's like for those parents to walk in their house, childless, and see their presents under the Christmas tree wrapped waiting for a child who won't come. I just, I can't.
I don't understand how a 24year old, with 2-4 weapons (mixed reports), a bullet proof vest, and long black coat could even get IN the school, nevermind all the way into the classroom unnoticed. My highschool only started locking most doors after 2 bomb threats, and even then, there wasn't a lot of security. They just made the musicians open their guitar cases to check for weapons.
Schools need to get better security. They make you send your child to school, then they don't even protect them while they are there. Children are the most precious thing we have, and we protect merchandise better... I hope those families can find some sort of comfort or peace. :( <3


@kllangellier: Sending our children to schools with prison type security isn't the answer either. They shouldn't live in lock-down because there is a tiny percentile of a chance that someone with a mental illness might attack them. Their freedom matters, too. But damn, it's sad.


I find myself wishing I was Superman so I could do that reversing-the-world thing he did in Superman 1 and go back and stop that guy.

Does that sound childish? I guess it is, but I keep thinking that.


@thumperchick: Making sure adults who are not meant to be at a school is not lock-down security. That man shouldn't have been in there unnoticed whether he was a teacher's son or not. He walked in with weapons and a bullet proof vest. How would you feel if your child was dead because your child's school thought children deserve freedom and didn't take safety measures? If they can force a child to be quiet, sit down, listen, cooperate in class, and take tests, they should be protecting them too. Children don't have freedom in school, nor can they protect themselves. No chewing gum, cell phones get taken away... When my school had a bomb threat, they TOOK our cell phones so we couldn't call our parents, and those who sent texts before it was taken, their parents were forced to leave their kids in the building. They searched our bags, purses, sweatshirts, pockets, cars and trunks that day. They set up perfectly fine security for final exams, but not for our safety. cont...


cont... During final exams faculty sit just beyond the doors and in order to pick up your child early from exams (if they have morning exams and no afternoon ones) you need to identify yourself and the child you are picking up, and you can't go beyond the table the staff sits at with their lists of students, guardians, and exam schedules. And you can't pick up a child that isn't yours. But once Final exams are over, it's back to no security. All they're worried about is kids taking the bus to school then leaving and skipping exams. They aren't doing it to protect anything but grades (kids try to take exams in someone else's place). If I had a child and refused to send them to school, I'd be in trouble if I didn't have the qualifications to homeschool. But what can the parents do when their children are killed because the school failed to protect them? It should fall on the school to protect it's students AND faculty.


Too much cultural psychosis, not enough socially acceptable outlets for all the pent-up rage and frustration.


@kllangellier: " How would you feel if your child was dead because your child's school thought children deserve freedom and didn't take safety measures?" The same way parents of dead children during the Oklahoma City Bombing or WTC bombings felt - devastated. Empty. Angry. Scared.

Over-reacting to fear and pain are not the way to decide when and how to limit the movements of anyone. Looking for a "security" scapegoat won't bring those kids back. There isn't a level of security that could stop a psycho from hurting innocent people. If he couldn't "walk in unnoticed" (how do you know he was unnoticed? He stopped in and shot the Principle, too.) he would've found another way to hurt people. He was a direct family member to a faculty member, he would've gotten past all but the most aggressive "security" that would be in place at an elementary school.

As far as the way schools handle terrorist threats, different discussion.


@thumperchick: I'm reminded of a video I watched a while back of a Defcon lecture, where a penetration-testing expert basically showed by example how easy it is to get into heavily secured government and defense installations--including some in known terrorist hot zones--with a little bit of social engineering and some moxie, and use things he found on site to cause simulated mayhem (i.e. he didn't take anybody hostage, he just pilfered somebody's keys and said "these keys would be me in their car saying I have your wife and this is what you're going to do"). All a given security feature really does is inform the bad guys of one way they shouldn't enter. The sooner people figure this out and quit blaming 'things' in favor of real discussion, the better off we'll all be.


This is a question which may really have no answer.

After these type of things I always wonder what would possess someone to do something like this. Then I realize that no matter what their 'explanation', it would still never make sense to me. I understand people can have major psychological issues, but why then are they not taking their medications, or at least in an institution that can keep an eye on them. Then there are the people who do it for no reason other than the fame...that is something that I will never understand, ever! Then you get the type of people that blame it on their parents and how they were raised, or being bullied, or anything like that, again, something I'm not sure I get. Maybe it's better that I don't though, because that at least means I'm not in danger of randomly killing mass amounts of people (or any amount of people).

My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a family member this year to some psycho on a killing spree.


@studerc: AP hasn't done their homework. The Bath Consolidated School bombing of 1927 had 45 casualties, including 38 children.


I don't understand why people who can't handle life have to take other lives along with their own.