questionswhat vitamins speed up your metabolism?


Not sure about what vitamins would do this if any, but I know that the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. I would suggest some resistance training i.e lifting weights or plyometrics.


The various B vitamins help your body process various things, which is probably the best you're going to get.


Meth is a vitamin, right? No, wait, sorry, that's a mineral.


Is it B12? I also herd that cinnamon boost your metabolism is that true??


@jmdeal: Recent studies indicate that cinnamon may help to stabilize blood sugar. Early rumor extrapolated that it would also help boost metabolism. Let me be the first to inform you that it is an evil lie.


b12 or Thiamine will boost your metabolism (in some cases) but can cause light-headedness in large quantities. I'm sure it's not good to take in large quantities over long periods of time


@pickypickypicky: so eating at Cinnabon ain't gonna work either?

@jmdeal: Might want to consider having a thyroid panel done. Also eating a bit less corn & corn by-products, sugar, flour, rice, starchy vegetables, juices (eat the fruit instead), & artificial sweeteners. Low glycemic eating for a bit might help.


@gatzby: You totally beat me to that.

You just earned a kaboodle of respect points. (Cash value 1/1000th of 1¢)


@trahentis: <- What he said. B12 is good, but it's a part of a bigger party gang of B vitamins. (Niacin, thiamine, wikipedia, etc.)

Vitamin C(rank). Ha.


Agree with the others about taking a B Complex. I like the liquid form as it's easier on my digestive system.

Check out Alpha Lipoic Acid. It's mostly used as an antioxidant but is also helpful for people with pre-diabetes and diagnosed diabetes. The unscientific description would be that it helps metabolize carbs into glucuse more efficiently which in turn provides energy on the cellular level faster and for some people it helps them lose a bit of weight. Here's a link:

I personally took it for blood sugar reasons and it kind of ramped me up, sort of like having an extra cup of coffee without the jitters. I am sensitive to stimulants and I physically tolerated this very well. Recommend!



The cinnamon referenced above: there are 2 kinds of cinnamon. The stuff we use on our food and the stuff that MAY have an effect on some peoples blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels. Frankly, the studies done have been on a minor scale and the results have been mixed but it seems to be a "no harm, no foul" kind of supplement. Here's the links on the type of cinnamon to use for health purposes and a surprisingly unbiased link to Dr. Weil, who has no opinion on it's benefits yet.


Arsenic, works great, and Im not really a doctor, but I play one on Woot!

Dumb Ass Question


B12 and Arsenic have been used for ages to stimulate appetite. My guess is that this is an effect the original questioner would prefer to avoid. None of the "vitamins" will help one boost metabolism unless one is so deficient as to be overtly ill, which generally means you already look skinny.


@nortonsark: REALLY? Arsenic has been used for ages to stimulate appetite, its a Poison. Remind me to never listen to anyones advice on here, Holy Crap!


@artdoug: Everything is poisonous at some dosage level (even water). Yes, arsenic is an effective poison, but at lower doses it has been used stimulate appetite. Heck, we used to bleed people (frequently with leeches) because it would make them feel better -- that's how they managed to kill off George Washington. Barber poles are red and white to signify their bleeding services -- those were the good old days. Bringing this back to the original vitamin question: recognize that much of the medical/health advice you get today will be worthless tomorrow (and probably always was worthless in the first place).


anytime you see a product that says it speeds up metabolism, you can be 99% sure they're full of $hit. there's really no such thing.


Green tea extract and royal jelly works for me.