questionshelp! i can't stop picking at my cuticles!


I do and my father has it a lot worse than me. I find working with drywall makes it much worse (it was drywall that made it happen the first time that I was aware of it). The only advice I have is liquid bandage. I find that helps keep my skin from drying and helps heal it. I used to use lotion but that didn't work as well and I dislike lotiony hands.


Yes, I have bad picking habits with my cuticles and dry lips. I looked it up once because like you, I also pick till they are bleeding and hurting. The only thing I found was the usual "Mild OCD" case stuff that suggested you can get medication or see someone to talk to about overcoming the issue.

The only advice I can give you which has helped (but not cured) this obsession is finding a REALLY good hand/nails lotion. Keeping my cuticles moisturized helps me not notice them and therefore I don't pick as much.

If you are anything like me, nothing will stop you from doing it when you are anxious or bored. :(


@coconutextreme: Yup, that's me exactly. Is there a specific brand or type of lotion that you use?


@tossthedice: Yes, my favorite is Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop. Many people hate it because of the smell ("Hippie" smell is what my friends call it) but it's the best I've found for my dry hands/cuticles, plus it lasts for 1 or 2 washes.

My routine is to clip the broken cuticles with the cuticle clipper (Like this cheap Revlon one: Then rub that stuff into my nails/cuticles.

The lotion goes on sale very often for $10 and also always have some promotion or coupon. If you have a store by you I would recommend going in and trying it out first.

Hope it helps you like it has for me.


Wear a rubber band on your wrist

Every time you catch yourself picking at your cuticles (or wanting to) snap yourself with the rubber band.

My brother quit smoking with a rubber band


Uhhh have some will power and stop doing it?

It amazes me how weak people are mentally.


I pick at my nails (all areas) but not quite to that extent. I used to bite my nails really bad and my dad made me wear gloves around the house when I was younger during my worse times (not that often). It worked well, and then even the thought of having to wear gloves helped. Lately I've been wearing the Shellac style nail polish which over time is something that can also be picked looks kind bad until I get it fixed, but it doesn't hurt my fingers. I wear darker shades of polish to help deter me from picking (so it will be more obvious) and that helps too.

It sounds like the lotion is a really good idea. The main reason for the polish I wear is because I've started to get more frequent manicures to help keep my cuticles and nails under control and better maintained (I'm terrible at cuticle maintenance). With less to pick at, I am noticing I am playing with my fingers less altogether.