questionschallenge: can you find a good electric blanket?


@inkycatz: Please provide the brand of your recently deceased loved one.

Are there any color preferences?

I think I saw heated "snuggies" (here on Deals) recently; does that count as a throw?


@shrdlu: Sunbeam. The label says it is a 'warming blanket'. It is also kinda itchy. I'm not picky on color, I mean it'll go on the bed and the comforter goes on top. Green, black/gray, or chocolate brown would be nice.

Yeah, the throw needs to have no arms (as theoretically I can put it on the couch for the cat), so snuggies are out.


I have a couple Sunbeam ones here. They work, and at least as of the ones last year, the blanket portion were still made in the USA. (Controller made in China.)

Granted, I don't need to use mine much here. It's going to be in the 80's today ...


electric blanket? my baby feels like a hot water bottle when he gets sleepy so I just stick him under the covers by my feet at night.


@llamabox: If I had a baby I wouldn't be getting ANY sleep. I had a cat a long time ago that loved to sleep under blankets. Alas, Current Cat will have none of that. :D


I really like my "HeatComfort" throw from Land's End. Unlike the old type electrics, you can't feel wires, and it doesn't get hot to the touch, but it does an excellent job of keeping you warm. I used it pretty much all last winter. However, they are rather expensive. I got mine on clearance for an apparently unpopular color, so if you can find such a deal I'd pick it up.


Instead of a queen-size electric blanket, you might look into a mattress warmer. I'm using this one right now:
I've had it about a year and I'm very pleased with it. Before I got it I was worried about the coils, but they've never bothered me. Since it's used under the fitted sheet, I don't have to worry about it pilling, like a lot of the electric blankets, and since it doesn't go on top of you, you don't have to worry about how heavy it is.


If you have a Tuesday Morning by you, I know they carry electric blankets and mattress warmers for a very decent price.


Thank you everybody! After shopping around both in person and online this weekend I ordered a "Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Top Mattress Pad" which should be here early this week. @catta got me thinking about the advantages, and I found that the no pilling/heavy argument really tipped me over the edge. Of course now I'll have to worry about the cat sleeping under the blankets to take advantage of it but if that isn't a first world problem, I don't know what would be.

Thank you Deals Community! :)