questionswhat are some affordable exotic getaways?


OK..I want the responses to this....even if I can't will be fun surfing and planning a virtual vacation.

vote-for2vote-against usually has some pretty good bets. Quick glance showed me a four night escorted vacation through Turkey with air for 1200 bucks.


Aruba and the U.S. Virgin islands are reasonable in the summer, but I've never traveled at that time. Prices may be different. During the summer, I've found that you can get hotels in St. Thomas for the same price as, say, OCMD. The price of airfare is the only difference. Keep those two places in mind.


@loubriccant: shhhhhhh. Things started going downhill for me after Star Trek, and I'm trying to lie low.


Try signing up for Sniqueaway dot com. They have some great deals. As a single traveler most of the time, I find a do a whole lot betterr booking air separately. Some of the travel sites automatically book you at a double rate when the lodging has single rates. Most of the time I use the big search engines to find the best fares available and the carrier. Then I go to that entity directly. Same for the hotel or lodge or whatever.