questionshardwood floors or carpeting, or both?


Carpet is dirty and bad if you have allergies, go with hardwood floors! Carpet traps pet dander, dead skin, and other dirt/dust and usually doesn't come out completely with a vacuum.

Compromise: go with hardwood floors and get some nice large area rugs that can be thoroughly cleaned.

Plus, hardwood floors look much nicer (IMO)



If she prefers something soft under foot, an area rug or soft slippers will do the trick.


My wife wanted wood floors for the living room, I wanted carpet. I pointed out that we often sit on the floor while watching TV and wood floors would be too uncomfortable.

she suggested we could get the wood floors and some big rugs to sit on. I pointed out that the area where the rug would go would cover pretty much the entire area where the wood floors would be, and I'd be damned if I was gonig to pay all that money for a floor that nobody was ever going to see!

I actually won this one. We stuck with carpet.


What @kristiwsu said. Ditto.

In addition, you can swap out area rugs for new ones, if (for example) you have a party, and someone decides that you'd like some nice abstract wine-colored art work in the middle of your floor. Carpeting is dirty. Ask any one who is in the profession of ripping it out (or has a remodeling addiction).

Hardwood. Even vinyl. No carpeting.


Hardwood with your carpet color choice, image-printing on it. Best of both worlds.


I grew up with carpet but much prefer hardwood. Here are some of my reasons:
1. Wood floors are easier to keep clean. Since you've already had a carpet ruined by a dog I'd say this would be important.
2. Wood floors make the rooms appear bigger.
3. Wood floors change temperatures much faster. So they are quicker to cool down in the summer and to warm up in the winter. If you run the A/C or heater all the time that doesn't matter. But I only run the A/C or heater when I am at home, so it is wonderful to have the wood floors and leather furniture cool down or warm up so much faster than did my old carpets and fabric furniture. The carpets and sofa used to cling to the cold, I'd turn on the heater when I got home from work and the house would barely be getting warm by bedtime. Now the house warms up by the time I have changed clothes and am ready to settle down in front of the TV or computer.


Assuming the hardwood is in good condition, why would you want to spend more to cover it up with something that will wear out and stain much more easily?

If it happens to be engineered wood floors (I can't imagine it would be) and not true hardwood, that is a different story. Engineered wood is too prone to scratching and can get ugly quick.


I used to install floors professionally. I can attest that carpet in any room (with the exceptions of the bedrooms - sometimes) gets filthy. Even with a good vacuum, the amount of crap that gets caked into the carpet is disgusting. Have pets? The carpets gets even filthier. Hardwood floors are really easy to clean, they look great AND they add value to your home -- all for about the same price as carpet.

My wife and I are in the process of remodelling this house and new floors are one of the things that we are in need of. Room by room, we are removing all of the carpet and replacing it with hardwood.

The only rooms that will still have carpet are the bedrooms (since we don't allow the pets in them and the kids aren't allowed to have food out of the kitchen).

If you're worried about the cost, there is laminate flooring that look like real hardwoodl. Engineered hardwood is sometimes cheaper and it's still wood -- just thinner.


@wnyx585am: engineered hardwoods are actually real wood. The top layer is laminated to a softer or lesser quality wood, but it's normally oak, maple or hickory showing. The issue with engineered wood is that if it does get scratched, you can't refinish it -- because the top layer is so thin that you might wipe it out completely.

Most of the time, the cost difference isn't on par with the quality difference. I would suggest a real 3/4" solid wood if you're going to be putting it into a high traffic area (hallways, door ways, main living areas) and engineered works good in lower traffic areas (dining rooms, closets, etc).


In the minority here, but I don't like hardwood. And laminate hardwood is just tacky. I currently have both and it's my belief that hardwood manufactures dust bunnies.


Carpet for me. My rabbit can't get traction on smooth surfaces. And bunnies gotta run.


@capguncowboy: he already Has hardwood. Nothing to install. Just pull the carpet and light refinish.
No question there, stick with the wood.

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I'd say go with the wood floors. As other people have mentioned, they look nicer, and are easier to clean.

I'm going to have to say that I hate laminate flooring though. It doesn't look like wood. It looks like fake wood. Just like that horrible wall paneling that was so popular a few decades ago.


@capguncowboy: You used to install flooring? Seriously? I pulled all the carpet in our old house and the powdered dirt left was insane. You don't realize until you've done it how much dander/dirt can accumulate. I replaced the carpet with wood laminate(sorry @purplefeather) and it was so much easier to keep clean. In our new house we have ceramic tile in the "wet areas"(think kitchen, bath and laundry) and wood laminate floor covering in the rest of the house. It looks awesome.

EDIT: As for the OP, I vote for wood or a facsimile.


@jsimsace: When I had my carpet pulled out and my floors redone I couldn't afford "real wood" so I had laminate installed. My only complaint about it is that it is very slick. My bedroom has the original antique oak floor and it is beautiful, but impossible to keep as glossy as the laminate stays all the time. After about 10 years of relatively hard use, the laminate is mostly still as nice as it ever was, but the installer did a craptastic job on the edges and there are such pretty wood floors being displayed at the home shows that I have re-doing my wood floors on my to-do list. But once I get up the money to replace it we are going to pull up the modern flooring and see if we can salvage the original floors under it first.


@pooflady: and those dust bunnies would otherwise just be dust in the carpet. Wood let's them coalesce into sentient beings that find liberty and escape to dark corners.
Wood: the primordial ooze for dustian evolution.

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Hardwood, with area rugs.

I have all hardwood floors on my first floor except in the the bathroom and kitchen, which are ceramic tile. My finished basement is ceramic tile.

I have a total of fifteen area rugs of various sizes in the hallway, bedroom, living room, "bedroom half" of the basement and both bathrooms, plus a mat on part of the kitchen floor.

Rugs make alergies worse and really are quite dirty, though the dirt doesn't bother me all that much.

BTW- I grew up with roughly a 50/50 split between hardwood and carpeted floors.


@j5: woot will sell you a Dyson to corral those dust bunnies. :)


@neuropsychosocial: I have one. I use it to crush the great dustbunnian uprising!

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not related to OP. but there are some plank laminates that I think are much better than the fake three board wide standard laminates. the plank simulates a full width board, so the seams are actually meant to be visible. We put some down and appraiser thought it was real hardwood floor.