questionswhat has monopoly done?


I was hoping the helicopter would be R/C and you could fly it around from space to space... so much potential!


Yeah, I agree with the iron. Useless piece and nobody wants it. But a cat!! I guess since there was already a dog it was an equal opportunity thing. But I would have rather seen the heli.


Least surprising news ever. And I even say as a genuine "cat person" that it's the most boring and least controversial choice.



Not surprised at all. Afterall, the poll was done online ... and well, the internet is pretty much all just cats.


I always loved the iron and would pick it every time. Probably because I won with it the first time I ever played. I am excited though because now I own a collector's item that will someday be worth a lot. They're selling for nearly $10 now, just think of what they'll be worth down the road.


@heesme: How long until there is a black market of counterfit knockoff iron tokens being sold?


In a country that has become less interested in the hard work an old fashioned iron represents, and more interested in getting a quick humor fix via lolcat...yeah, the token change doesn't come as surprise.


@ruger9mm: Now I'm concerned. Anyone know where I can get a certificate of authenticity?


I thought it would be the wheelbarrow for sure. And as much of a cat person as I am, I was rooting for the robot. I liked the idea of the helicopter, but didn't think it was well executed. Same with the diamond ring. Even the guitar would have been better. I put the cat last, because there is already a dog. Unless we could boot the dog! (pun intended)


A lot of Certificates of Authenticity are not worth the paper they are printed on. Find one on the Internet and print your own.