questionswhat are the best extra fine point pens?


Agreed, finer (dimension-wise) pens are a good thing for many uses and I like the Pilot Precise pens as well.

But since pens in our house tend to (with good intentions) disappear into mysterious places I've found the often a lot cheaper Uni-ball ONYX micro to be a nice substitute. (I like a little friction between the tip and paper, seemingly provided by these pens.)


@nmchapma: fond memories - I put a lot of 'miles' on my old Rapidiograph set. Beautiful, crisp and precise results when drawing on high quality paper. But the tip cleaning? Not so fun, even it it was worth it!

Newer version of mine, which came with a drafting board clamp for the case:


The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner is my standard pen, and you can find them in all colors at JetPens:

With that said, if you want to get even finer-pointed, try the Pigma Micron 01 (.25 mm) or 005 (.2 mm):


Glad to see that I'm not the only one who prefers a super-fine point pen. DH growls every time he grabs one of mine, the kiddos hate them, and rarely did a co-worker walk away with one of my favorites. I prefer the UniBall Vision Elite. It's a 0.5mm so not the finest point listed here, but the extra bonus for me is that they offer a color they call Blue-Black that I love! It doesn't have the harshness of true black, but is more "serious" than your regular blue pen. Silly, I guess, but when I can't find them locally I special order them. I've bought refills for them, too, but they aren't really made to last forever. I guess I need to see if they have a super-nice version that takes these refills and get one for myself.

Anyway, [here is a link to the color I like on Amazon.](4 Piece Stainless Steel Canister Set)

Pssst. I love technology, but still get great satisfaction from putting pen to paper!


I use Pilot G-2 1mm Bold Point pens.

All this writing with needles is nonsense.


@spacezorro: yikes. You might just as well write left-handed with a crayon or Sharpie! ;-)


@bluemaple: How did you know I was a leftie? :)


@spacezorro: handedness is one of the pieces of data Woot's parent collects based upon the way we browse Deals. "We know everything." Perhaps you haven't noticed the left-handed scissors & baseball gloves being marketed to you in that panel to the right. ;-)


I've been looking for a new fine point pen and I've heard nothing but awesome things about these:

I just ordered this set and a pack of 3 more black ones (in case I lose them).


@moose9088: nice find, great reviews.. I'm going to try those out. Available in 0.4 and even 0.3 mm.

From the first review by Shazam: "the Hi-Tec-C has developed a near cult level following"... also indicates since it is a cheap plastic barrel pen there have even been Kickstarter projects using the cartridge.


I might have choked on my food as I misread the last word of the question....


I like to use Sakura Pigma Micron pens, they're archival quality pens and I fell in love with them when I did a stippling project in high school


The best fine ball point that are easily accessible are the Pilot G-2 .38 mm. You said "Extra Fine", I find that .5 mm is too thick. The Pilot .38 mm can be found on Amazon at a reasonable price.
If you want equal or higher quality and even finer point there are several options as fin as .28 mm available on


@evhershey: The G-2's are OK, but a little too loose for my preference. I like a bit more resistance at the paper... and the added protection and longevity of a capped pen vs. retractable.

BTW, they are cheaper by the dozen at Staples - $14.99.


Oh, you've got to try a Slicci by Pentel. I just bought a black ink model that is 0.25mm that is amazing!

The body is very slim too, unlike some Pentel items.
It wasn't too expensive, at least as art-ti'st items go. ~3.5 us buckaroos.