questionsdo you dedicate songs?


I don't think of it as dedicating songs but yeah I do link songs to people mostly the opposite sex and mostly past girlfriends etc.


I don't "dedicate" songs, per se. I have a tendency to "binge" on particular songs, artists, albums, or playlists, listening repetitively over a relatively short amount of time, and I find that I later strongly associate music with the people/place/situation/emotions that I was experiencing when I was listening to the song/artist/playlist obsessively. It's too bad, in a way, because I find myself unable to listen to certain albums I love because they're too strongly associated with an emotional time that I would prefer not to revisit. At the same time, I find it helpful when I'm working through stuff, which is important!

So I don't "dedicate" songs, but I find that I associate them with certain people/places/ situations, especially if I experienced strong emotions (positive or negative) while walking around, thinking and thinking, listening to particular music.

I like the term "audiobiography"! Great way to describe it; it would be an interesting frame for a written autobiography.