questionsdid you get the $2 amazon student mp3 credit?


Nope. But I'm not s student, so no big surprise.


Yep, got one here but probably won't use it.


@jsimsace: I only download free mp3 music on my Amazon account or the paid stuff with the credits like this one.. like back when they were giving $1 credit per order that was shipped 3-5 days as opposed to Prime 2-day. (I racked up around $20 during that promo), and the occasional free credits that get sent out.


@okham: funny thing... me to.. on both your points!


I got that e-mail today. I'm about to download a song right now. :]


Yup, thank you Amazon.

@jsimsace: I always tend to forget it's there until it's way too late... I should just use it now. I once purchased an album when I thought I had credit, but I was charged the full amount. I emailed Amazon, who told me it was expired, but gave it to me anyway!


Got it. Have student account even though I haven't been a student in 15 yrs or so. Still have my .edu eddy though ;)