questionshave you seen: farmer flattens 7 police cars with…


With their vehicles crushed, "We had nothing to pursue him with," said Chief Deputy Philip Brooks. EPIC


Here is an aftermath video: The member comments are a bit concerning though, you could probably skip those.

This guy probably wasn't the brightest, he had issues with police officers, but he just hurt his neighbors instead. The police officers aren't going to replace those vehicles. Heck the department really isn't going to replace them either, it is the taxpayers that are going to take the burden. Not to mention now he just caught some felony charges, so the taxpayers will probably be paying for his legal defense, his stay in prison, and everything else the city and state will be charging the taxpayers during his criminal trial.


@eraten: Yea, I read some of them. Bad idea. Very depressing that these people are probably breeding.

Sounds like this guy has some significant anger issues. As well as some significant deficits in intelligence. He went from misdemenor resisting arrest (I think pot is decriminalized in Vermont) to some felonies. Smooth move.


What do you call a half dozen crushed cop cars?
A good start.


@rprebel: Don't know why you got down voted. I got your JOKE.


@coreyking: That's fine. I actually put "<---THIS IS A JOKE" next to something just the other day, and it still got a half dozen downvotes. Some people just have no sense of humor.


@rprebel: I upvoted the joke when it first appeared and was also sad to see it get downvoted. If I could give you extra upvotes, I'd do it. I agree, a lot of people have no sense of humor. I bet most cops would find it funny, though, as long as you didn't recite it while getting a ticket.


I posted the question, but just realized the link to the article with a bunch of photos has been removed from my original post. Here it is again: