questionshow do i track my order on woot


If it on then go to your account page. if not then go to the vendors site that you bought it from.

Have you received an email confirmation that it has shipped? if yes, then you have the tracking number and you can go to one of the various tracking sites to find out where it is currently holed up.

Interestingly enough, I bought some of these too. I am going to email service.woot to find out where they are.


You track it here: you can also ask on best to ask over there anyway since doesn't sell anything.


Someone gave information about how to use your order # on the "track by reference" page of FEDEX, since woot usually uses smartpost or FEDEX. It is the second option on the FEDEX tracking site. Click through to the next page and insert the information requested and see if you get anything.


I placed order for "First Act 5-Pad Digital Drum Set" on 01/31/2011.

I have order number but, I never see any tracking number. Normally how many days is it take to ship and how many days is it take to get tracking numner?


this doesn't appear to be a legitimate order tracking system, but maybe someone can find order# 32692867