questionswill you be returning any presents from this past…


I'm going to return one gift for me and one for my wife.


Mostly good. We somehow got a duplicate of a blu-ray because somebody forgot to check the list before they purchased, so two people bought us the same one. Will return that.
I'm also going to return a stud finder that I received. I asked for one that traces electrical as well, and this one doesn't -- no biggy -- I understand budgets. I'll return it and get the one that I want.


Returned a couple of Blu-rays that we received doubles of. Also returned one candle to Walmart because I am super picky about my candle scents and I can't stand sweet fruity stuff - so I returned a berry candle and will get a different scent. Felt kind of bad doing it but if I had kept it I never would have burned it. It would have sat around probably until White Elephant next year.


We returned and exchanged a few things we gave each other. I think it was all clothing.


I'm not returning anything but there are a few small things that are destined for white elephant gift exchange, Wootizen BOC, etc. It's fun stuff and I'll play with it/use it for a while but it won't get a permanent place at the house.


Small family, artful use of Amazon wishlists, everyone's happy. No returns.


Nope, nothing to go back for me or the wife.