questionsdoes anyone know any good external hard drives…


What's expensive and what's the right size for you?

Western digital is a good brand, this has usb 2/3 and does automatic backups for 90 bucks if that helps..


Maxtor is good. 1tb is around $100 bucks.


I have a Seagate goflex 2 TB and really like it. It works well with time machine, and has good reliability. Costco usually has good deals on them.


None right now, the prices are so inflated. I'd wait a few months...


Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc.

They're all about the same and all have had problems at various times. I personally tend to avoid refurb'd drives unless they come with a new warranty (minimum one year, though I generally prefer five years).

It's more important to have several copies of your important data on different drives (not necessarily different brands of drives). You don't want to find out that your ONLY backup copy is on a dead drive right after losing the main copy due to a drive failure or other mishap. (Trust me on this... I speak from experience... multiple experiences, in fact. It isn't good. It's even worse when it is someone else's data.)


I have a 400GB Toshiba portable drive. My issue is that I use a laptop (which is why I wanted portable), but since I don't always sit at my desk, I don't have a constant backup... then I have to be non-lazy to get it, plug it in.. blah blah blah

Personally, next time I'm getting one of those wireless ones. I guess, not an issue if you are on a desktop.. but if you're on a laptop, I'd think wireless backup.


I love my WD mybook essential series drives.


I agree with waiting unless you need one right now. Prices are still inflated due to the shortage from the floods in Thailand. If you don't have a pressing need, wait a few months and you will get a better deal.