questionsok, i'll ask it. what's up with the backpack of…


I purchased. I think that the backpack alone is well worth the money so I will be happy with whatever else comes.


If they pack the crap in a Kelty backpack - it's already worth the buy in. I bought one, too.


I saw it when it first came up but declined because 1.) I don't need a backpack. 2.) Random sports items don't really appeal to me. 3.) I remember when they did something similar on Kids.Woot and folks were pretty disappointed at what they received (I personally think some folks set their expectations way too high—they tell you it's going to be crap from the get-go).


The experience some folks had with the kiddo Bags of Crap has stuck with me. I guess I'm willing to toss away eight bucks, but I become more cautious when the crap approaches the twenty-buck level. If I wanted or needed a back pack, I might have been tempted, though. It's just that most of my recent Woot! surprises haven't been good surprises.


It stayed up for quite awhile. I was around looking at the time.
I had it in my cart and then thought, do I really want this ? If it were a regular bag of crap that would be ok, but I too am not in need of a pack and thought 15 was a little steep for the unknown. Maybe I will regret, maybe not. I guess we will see.
Will be interested in hearing what you guys got !


@thewronggrape: Yeah, except for the kids random item was advertised as being better than a bag of crap. The write-up had phrases like:
"It's like a Bag of Crap... BUT IT'S NOT CRAPPY!"
"Of course, we're pretty sure it'll be something up to our normal high standards,... "
"You pay us $14.99 plus tax and shipping. We send you something cool."

People were ticked because stuff they got for $20 was way worse than the $8 boc. Woot hyped it up and charged a lot more for it only to fail so hard.

The sports bag SHOULD be better because it contains more than 1 item, but we'll have to wait and see.


It was one of those Facebook/Mortimer in charge things. If enough people Photoshopped a beard or mustache on the monkey, they were going to do the Backpack Of Crap.
I Photoshopped but couldn't stay up until 1 am + 5 seconds waiting for it to sell out. Congrats to all who did and hopefully it's not too crappy.


whatever it was , I didn't get it......what a stunner


@xdavex: Actually it was around for a decent amount of of time. I didn't see the post until a few minutes after 1AM, tossed the idea around in my head for a while, and didn't actually go in for one until about 1:30AM. Which doesn't help if you couldn't stay up until then, but I thought I would give you encouragement for the future!


I got in on it because I had never seen anything like it in all my years wooting. $20 is a drop in the bucket for an eternity of woot glory! I think this is the first such offering. But who cares. The unwritten laws of Woot state that thou shalt pursue all Bunches of Cornucopias.

It arrives on 12/30!