questionswhat do i get my father for father's day?


What if he doesnt have a Netflix account?


What does he like to do? That tidbit of information usually helps.


Does he have an ereader or a tablet? What about travel type gear? What's your price range, and what's his mode of travel? If he travels with a laptop, how about a portable hard drive? You could pre-load it with music, movies and family photos if you wanted.

This one looks like a pretty good deal:


If he is a reasonable and sensative man, how about writing him a heartfelt poem? Just because it is a poem doesn't mean that it has to be sappy. When my Dad was alive I used to write him one every few years and I am pretty sure that they were his favorite gifts since I received some of the biggest hugs that I ever had from him.

Tell him you love him and you can't go wrong!


Well, if the house has to be sold, he's obviously moving elsewhere. If he's buying a new house of his own then maybe a gift card for Lowe's or Home Depot, as he'll probably need something they sell for home maintenance, or even just a new doorknob and deadbolt. If he's a renter then maybe a Bed Bath and Beyond card so he can pick up stuff for the new place.

Normally I'm not a big fan of gift cards, but in this case it seems OK. If he doesn't need "stuff" before he moves, he'll most certainly need something afterward.

Another idea, something I hope to get from my wife and kids, would be a certificate for a deep tissue massage. Since you said your dad works too much. he could probably use one.


I was thinking of an ipod or a kindle. He's on many flights throughout the month as well as in lots of hotel rooms. I was hoping to find something to maybe make his travels enjoyable since he does that SO much these days. He also has a long drive to work when he is in town. When he does have time off, he enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing.


i got my dad a 32GB flash drive since all his are old and only hold 8GB tops, plus they're clunky. this new one is tiny and has the cap that twists off so it won't get lost.
also some nice work socks

how about a digital picture frame with family photos loaded on it? or a gift card to this favorite lunch place? does he drink coffee a lot? a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card would get used and he can treat a coworker and form bonds over coffee


@prima: If he already has a laptop, go for a Kindle Touch instead of the Kindle Fire. Plain screen, no backlight, but hours and hours and hours of battery life. Plus 3G wikipedia access and book shopping.


agree with many above.
if he's a reader definitely an electronic reader.
i prefer just an ereader (no extra bells and tablet-like whistles) - much better battery life.
prefer E-ink and don't care for back lite. - especially if a lot of time is spent reading.
also MUST be able to borrow library books!

if he's not a reader -
what are his interests?


Gift card/certificate for a restaurant he likes. If he's packing and unpacking it gets hard to cook while the all the kitchen stuff is in boxes.