questionschallenge: pizza cutter i can put in a drawer…


It sounds more like you need better organization in your drawers. Something like this maybe, , there are plenty of drawer organizing products out there.

Also if your kids are not able to avoid sharp blades, maybe they shouldn't be allowed to root around in them till they are able.


This one is fairly compact and has a cover:

Also, I found these: - comes with a cover and two interchangable blades for easy cleaning. - comes with a cover.

I also came up with a bunch that are on ebay, but I have never dealt with ebay, so I will leave that search up to you.


Pampered chef. We have one with a cover and I'm decently sure that's where we got it. also try Tastefully Simple.


Pampered Chef has one that has a protective storage cover:

Edit: [Sorry, while I was typing and posting others obviously came to the same conclusion I did.]


@catbertthegreat: Thanks for the tips. I guess I have something like 30 random tools that I don't mind the kids helping in the kitchen with (spoons, spatulas, etc.) and I also have a pizza cutter with an exposed blade. Currently I keep the blade up high, but I'd rather keep all my random tools in the same drawer.


If you go with a Pampered Chef one, PLEASE don't buy the one from Amazon. It's more expensive and it won't carry the 3-year warranty.

You can order this directly through a Pampered Chef consultant's website for $9.75 + around $6.25 for shipping. If you have an issue with it, the 3-year warranty is hassle-free: just ship it back to Pampered Chef and they'll send you a new one.

If you don't know a consultant I am one, but you can order through whoever you like. I just warn against the reseller listings: they are not supported by Pampered Chef.


@perkalicious11: I think a real chainsaw would be just as effective.


This one is pretty slick, with more of the blade covered by the case than a conventional pizza cutter.

As a bonus you can get more leverage on it because of the different design. The blade snaps out for cleaning, so I suppose you could keep the blade separate in a case, if you were worried about getting cut.

This is the one Alton Brown uses, and if there was ever someone to trust about which kitchen gadgets to but, it's him.


The best pizza cutter I've used had a circular ceramic "blade" rather than a metal one. I say "blade" because, while it cut the pizza very well, it wasn't at all sharp to the touch like the similar metal one I had.

And, the best part? I had gotten it for free (don't remember from where). I can't look for a link right now (Wootoff scavenging and whatnot), but I don't imagine it would be that difficult to find.


I'm a big fan of our Pampered Chef Pizza Cutter which rattles around in one of my drawers. The cover fits snugly & doesn't accidentally slide off. The thumb guard made this one of the earlier tools that my daughter could use safely.


@catbertthegreat: true, but could be much messier (I'm envisioning splattered cheese and sauce EVERYWHERE) and tricky to use on countertops. hahaha


Pampered Chef FOR SURE. Big, sharp and has a great cover.