questionstaiwan military needs nbc protection suits


You guys could just change the channel you know. Some of the other networks are not nearly as scary. SHO and HBO for example.


I don't know if it'd comply with ITAR or related restrictions, but you might want to check out ... when I was growing up I used to love reading their catalog, and they have all sorts of goodies for hazardous materials handling and exposure safety. (Yes, I had an odd childhood.)

The only other places I can think of sell outdated surplus stuff...

Edit: I take it back. Newpig only has chem suits these days... pity.


We have products that comply with US Military standards, but require payment in British Pounds Sterling. Hope that's not an inconvenience.


See how much waste there is in our government? Who needs a bunch of agencies and bidders submitting proposals for government procurement contracts when we could just put up a question on deals.woot?

Dear Woot: we need 15 F-22 Raptors with stealth technology and both air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. Please tell us if you can supply? Free shipping please, I have a jumbowoot coupon.


@90mcg112: Sorry, they're discontinued. Would you like a set of F-35s instead? They're backordered, but very popular with many customers. Suppressing the squawking of your local investigative media is up to you. As a bonus, the stealth coating requires much less service than that of the F-22 and we have assurances from the manufacturer that the weapon payload will be adequate by the time it ships.


@psaux: Oops. Turns out they really ARE F-22s. But if you're not happy with them, we can provide you with a sticker to return the shipment.


@wingnutzero: Oh, wait. Turns out they actually are F-35s. Apparently production of F-22s ended in December of 2011. Unfortunately, since the return is already in the system, we're going to need you to ship those back anyway. In return for your trouble, please enjoy this special cockathrician coupon, DWF22F35. It's good for $5 off on any site, excepting deals.woot of course.