questionswho wants their own legendary bag of crap (shirt)?


Love it! Tempted to get the tote. Only problem is that I have way too many totes already. A mug would be cool, but I don't think the last mugs that Woot did went over well. I'd like to see a plastic or stainless steel travel mug. I don't do breakable stuff in the kitchen thanks to RA in my hands.


thanks narf and neuro. I wasn't too surprised when I was contacted with a "tsk tsk, better not sell that" from woot, but I was when they wanted to use it. Big thanks to Pablo and Travis for all the work they put into it. Now, there is sooo much fun stuff to buy this morning, what shall I get.. wanders off in deep thought


I like it, I was wondering where it came from. Nice job.

I am also tempted to get a Random Shirt Shirt. This is because pretty much any shirt that is primarily white, I imagine tie-dyed and it is instantly appealing.