questionswould you bother retyping your whole question or…


Oh, SO frustrating! Yes, I've had that happen - though not on an app, just on my PC. I have clicked outside the box by accident & my intelligent well-worded, near genius answer disappears. Some not-so-intelligent words immediately fall out of my mouth. :-/ To sorta answer your question - sometimes I've tried to reconstruct, sometimes I just give up in frustration. Have learned to do a draft e-mail for posting deals, commenting & answering questions.


@gmwhit: I actually had one time where I tried to retype it from memory but it crashed again. Next thing I knew, someone posted a very similar answer. That was a very dark time for me.


I have and figure I will again. And yes, it's very frustrating.


@gopvifootball: I know, I know. ;-) But don't look at it as 'a very dark time.' It's one of those GMTA (great minds think alike) events. Look at their answer & say to yourself, "They almost said what I was going to, but their answer wasn't quite as profound, deep, intelligent, funny, , factual, clever, etc." :-D


Nope ... I just let it go because I am lazy...


I typically give up. This ONLY happens to me when I type exceptionally long/ well thought out/ well written answers. Usually the fact that it failed depresses me (because I won't be able to articulate my thoughts so well again) to the point of giving up.

A pointer for the iPhone though, just in case. Make sure you do actually close the apps. Just exiting them still has them all running in the background, even ones that dont support multitasking. You can double tap the home button, and all running apps will show up at the bottom. Hold an app and a minus sign will appear, and you can close all your apps.

I'm sure you already knew that, but hey. On the off chance you didn't, that'll boost performance a bit.

But yeah. Poorly timed crashes SUCK.


I wish the reply box would be moveable or at least not disappear if you want to go back to the original question for reference while replying.

Losing a response happens a lot because I share a computer with someone who does not want me to disable the darn touchpad. So if I inadvertently butterfly kiss the stupid thing with my hand, it will make the reply box disappear. If it is someone who is looking for assistance and I think I might have something helpful to post, I will try 1 or 2 more times to reply. But after that, I typically just give up - the keyboard gremlins obviously are stronger.


On the laptop, I often do a "select all, copy to clipboard" after typing out a non-trivial post. You can do the same thing on the iPhone - just copy the text. If you end up crashing (not sure what's going on, I have an iPhone and very rarely does Safari crash) you'd be able to paste it again.


I get really upset for a split second...then try to convince myself that the way I said it the first time may not have been as good as I could have said it...then write it all over again :)


I tried 5 times to answer your question with a decent response.

I give up...


This happens to me often when Chrome crashes because it doesn't like to be kept open for a week or two with an incognito window, a tracked window, and a window that is open for non related browsing, each one with 5 to 15 tabs, and another 5 to 15 programs programs at all times. In fact it happened less than an hour ago and I lost 3 tabs with comments in progress. I seldom go and and retype when something like this happens. Generally it means having to hunt down the specific tab I was commenting in, then having to re-read whatever stirred up enough emotion to make me want to comment, likely getting riled up again, and then I have to spend the time I already spent reformulating and retyping my answer.
The other reason I respond is to make myself feel better about something, and I usually feel better after typing it out whether it has been posted or not.
Most of the time I do not redo lost posts, but if I do, the new post is more concise, more direct, and usually has more impact.


It depends on how very badly I want my comment to be heard. Sometimes I've given rewritten, and sometimes I just say "forget it" and wander off to do something else. I agree that it's very annoying in either case.