questionsdo you shop at walmart?


I very rarely shop there because it's inconvenient. Enormous parking lot, enormous store, crowds, long lines. I prefer to shop at Albertsons, which is somewhat more expensive (although not if you shop the sales) because I can park right in front of the door, the store is moderately sized, and I rarely have to wait being more than one or two customers in line. I also shop specific Albertsons, Sprouts, and Big 8 stoores that have shade available so if I have my dog in the car I can leave him safely while I run in and grab what I need. I rarely buy more than four or five things at a time. Maybe 4x year I go to Walmart when I have a varied shopping list that would require visiting several stores otherwise; screws, spray paint, storage tubs, school supplies, a mop, paper plates, socks, and milk for example.


I go with great reluctance. Usually when it is for something I need and I know that they have the best deal on it & usually when quality is not a concern (kids are going to destroy it quickly no matter what, good chance of it getting lost ro accidentally thrown out, etc.).

For similalr needs I much rather got to Target or shop online for better deals if the shipping time is not going to be an issue.

I agree that the Target experience is much better (cleaner stores, better organized shelves, fuller shelves, employees who know what they are doing, etc.)


It's not a place that I enjoy going, but I can't afford to wipe it out of my habits entirely. And when I have to go to one store that definitely carries that general merchandise item I'm looking for, I end up at Wal-Mart.

I'll second Target as being a better version of the same idea. They just don't carry it all.

Wal-Mart has terrible parking almost everywhere they are. The customers in general are not as nice. Nobody cares about their job. These sweeping generalizations are hardly exaggeration.


I don't. I prefer Target, and both are conveniently located, so I choose Target. The times that I did go to Walmart, I found it cramped and cluttered. There was very little room between aisles and/or displays, and it just gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. Plus their check-out lines were long and slow.


I do. In my case it's actually the closest store to my house. Several of their "Sam's Choice" generics are really good, and the deals are hard to beat.

I do feel badly about the management decisions from Walmart that hit the news. They aren't the only big business to face such accusations. Sears was notorious for firing long term employees just before they became eligible to retire, for example. I occasionally feel guilty for shopping at WallyWorld, but since it's about a mile from my house, the convenience is too hard to pass up.


Never have and hopefully never will. I live in Chicago, so stores of all types are thankfully plentiful and varied. If I lived in a small town and/or didn't have much choice or money, then I'd of course shop wherever was available/cheapest, including Walmart. But daaaaaamn am I daily and eternally grateful that I have the luxury of not having to shop there and instead having a plethora of stores/shops/markets/roadside stands from which to choose.


The Spouse despises Walmart, so we very seldom go there. Mostly they're our fail-safe store when we're traveling or vacationing; it's usually a safe bet that we can find whatever we need and forgot to pack.

I'm holding a fairly sizable gift WM card I won in an office raffle last year, so I guess I'll have to do something with it before too long. Maybe buy gift cards for other stores or perhaps even a money order.


I would rather chew my right arm off than shop at WalMart, but sometimes I just have to. I have to go on weekends with all the other 9-5ers, so it's always packed. They do have the best prices on most things. When I get a large list together, I bite the bullet and go there. In between, I do the more conveniently located local drugstores or dollar stores for stuff.

I love Target. It's clean, it's not crowded, the check out is really fast.


@magic cave: You could always just use the gift card to order something that ships to your home. Then you don't have to go there at all.


WalMart is more than just the store - which takes the worst character of the surrounding area.

If you haven't used the 'site to store', you should look into it. They carry a lot of things that ship free to your local store. I saved $150 on shipping by buying a 10' projector screen from them.


@omnichad: Great suggestion! I'll have to check into that.

The real sticking point for us, though, is the Walmart scorched-earth philosophy of business growth and management.

When we vacation, it's usually in relatively rural, small-town places in the areas where TN, GA, and NC converge. In nearly every community there's a Walmart, we see closed and shuttered mom-and-pop stores. We've talked to Walmart employees who tell us their town's own "main street" basically shut down after Walmart opened. We notice that Walmart never opens a store in city limits, where it might be subjected to city taxes, but rather out in the unincorporated, lower-taxed counties.

Ack. Didn't mean to get into an anti-Walmart rant.

Thanks again for your suggestion!


I do, because of pricing and being able to get what I need at 3am. I can get in and out fast with self checkout. I deplore the way employees are treated.


No. Sorry I should explain. F$%K NO. Sam Walton is the biggest traitor to this country that has ever lived. He told us for years to "buy American" while simultaneously outsourcing production to other countries and using his political influence(read "money") to promote crap bills like NAFTA that destroy the American middle class and the third world in one fell swoop. Today, the Waltons "employ" hundreds of thousands of people at subsistence level wages. This costs American taxpayers millions of dollars in "entitlements" in order to pad the coffers of the Wal-Mart Corporation. Capitalism only works if you vote with your dollars, and my vote is a resounding F&$K NO.


I use to reluctantly shop at W/M maybe 4 times/year, mainly for a few items I liked and were only available at W/M or were a fair amount cheaper. After my latest trip I told myself I'll never return, just not worth the aggravation for the small savings. One of the items I wanted was nowhere to be found(even though they showed 11 in stock) and the other was only a few pennies less than Cub(local grocer, used to be quite a bit cheaper at W/M).
I'm swearing off W/M although we'll see what their black Friday ad shows, but if it's anything like last year they had quite a few things for a good price but after I got there(not that long after available) they were out of basically everything that was a good deal and I wanted. Did I say I REALLY hate W/M......