questionsis it wrong to use boc items for stocking…


Am I on your list? I want some carp!


Frugal? Nah. Cheap? Nah. Smart? Yeah!


I think it's perfectly acceptable!! You paid for your BOC, so it's not like the stuff was free or a re-gift (and even if that were the case, I'd still think it woud be fine!!) It's the thought of the gift, not the price or where you got it, and if it feels right, that's all that matters. :)


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You are just going to have to wonder what I wrote now.

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That's pretty much what I'm doing. But not just stocking stuffers, actual gifts too!

I also have a bunch of stuff ready for the next user BOC exchange....which I may even break down and offer another soon as I have just too much stuff and no where for it to go!


As long as nobody knows you got it for nothing (or close to nothing), all's fair in gifts and crap.


Whats a BOC? Haven't seen or heard of one of those in a couple months...


BoC items make great White Elephant gifts.


@bill7718: LOL! I'm sure it was brilliant! Is it the clicking outside of the box that deletes your comment? I keep doing that and hadn't figured out what I was clicking to cause my comment to disappear.

And, BTW, the duffel you included in my Wootizen BOC has been appropriated by DH, dang it! I think I'll wait until he goes to sleep and re-appropriate it!


Stocking stuffers? Heck, I'm using a few things as full-on gifts!


Haha, I re-gifted BOC stuff on three separate occasions as birthday gifts. One each to my niece and nephew and the other to my sister.

You have nothing to worry about using BOC stuff as stocking stuffers. There is no eternal damnation waiting for you.

About useful stocking stuffers: My brother-in-law's family puts socks and underwear in their stockings, it quickly spread to my sister and now I can expect new boxers and socks at Christmas-time. It's actually a great and frugal idea.

P.S. Hmm. It's a good idea that my sister isn't on least I think she isnt...


Good god, that's practically what they're for!


@curtisuxor: On the topic of useful stocking stuffers, I laughed when I first saw my (then, future) in-laws put a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deoderant, shampoo, razors and, yes, socks and underwear in their kids stockings. Then I realized that, as a poor college student, these were things I needed and had to budget for! I carried the idea to my family and we've carried it on from there. In addition to items such as those listed we include non-candy food favorites such as jars of olives, marinated artichoke hearts, etc. When my kids were younger (pre-digital camera/camera-phone days) we topped each stocking with a disposable camera. Santa left the stocking at the foot of their beds and they were allowed to dig through those goodies before we all dashed (together) to the tree to see what Santa had brought. They were also encouraged to record the day with their disposable cameras.

Now that I think of it, I believe I've gotten some tiny digital cameras in BOCs. Hmmmmm.


Perfectly acceptable for stocking stuffers, as long as you are gifting useful items that the average person would use.


@meadowlark: Then I guess I shouldn't gift those random gadget cables that have accumulated. (sigh) DANG!


Nothing at all wrong with using BOC items. You paid for them, they aren't used, and it seems like you are giving some though as to what people may find useful or enjoy. Really, its the same as shopping for the person specifically.


I'm actually not sure what else you are supposed to do with them.


If you put BoC items in a stocking, would that make is a SoC?

In my family this is what stockings are for, trinkets and such. Real gifts are for under the tree.