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Sounds like you need to do some networking.
imagine eCommerce worldwide conference
Of course it looks like you would have to hop on a plane to Vegas tomorrow and see if you can finagle a ticket somehow.
But I'm sure you could find other such gatherings. Fun and business. Works for me !


That's very cool. Sold out, and far away, but cool. Seeking out conferences like that is a great idea. Thanks!


@mrgrogg: I am guessing then you are on East coast ?

Here's one this summer in Philly : eTail East

In the mean time maybe you can find an online forum for persons such as yourself. There are groups for everything !
I did a quick google for e commerce forum and yes, they are plentiful. The hard part is for you to look around and find one that is a good fit for you and your needs.

Cheers !

ETA: I have never used LInked in. But that is another possibility ? You might ask around about others using that site for useful networking and information gathering.


West coast, so it's not THAT far away, but far away enough to keep me from ditching the wife and kid for a sudden weekend business jaunt. :)

I really hadn't considered it from a networking perspective. There are lots of small companies out there using these services, and going where those business owners go and talking to them is a great idea.


There are some review sites, but be careful because some of them can be just as sales pitch oriented as the fulfillment company websites themselves. You'll want to make sure that they're truly "unbiased". One great site that is unbiased is:

Good luck with your search!


Do a search for fulfillment companies that work with small businesses, send several of them an email with what you're looking for, and then check references. I found most to be responsive and wound up happy with my choice.


If you are in the West Coast, we have a cooperation fulfillment warehouse that we use in Ontario SIF services, they give one of the best prices in the West Coast.

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I highly recommend Smart Warehousing. I'm currently with them after switching from Shipwire and I'll never leave. They can integrate with literally every E commerce platform. I have Shopify and it only took a few hours to integrate and now i see all my orders and inventory in real time. I know they created a proprietary software system which allows them to customize my database for my needs. Here's the website. They have locations all over the country.


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