questionshas anyone ever installed an aux input into their…


is this your dash?
I am thinking next to the cig lighter about where you would put a 2nd cig lighter to balance out the look.
Please post a picture of the aux box inside your dash.
Remember you will need to set your aux device some place safe when driving.


That's similar to my dash, but on the bottom right, I have a 115 volt power outlet (like a household outlet) and an on/off switch for that. So I wouldn't be able to put the aux input socket right there.

I'm actually going to run the cables to the floor on the passenger's side for now. I may change that later on.
But my question, which probably wasn't very clear, was that the part that I bought has a box that has RCA inputs into it and the cable that connects to the back of the stereo coming out of it. The box is about the size of a deck of cards, only 1.5 times as thick. It has flanges on the long sides with holes that could be used for mounting...I was originally thinking of screwing it into something but now I'm thinking that maybe I could just zip tie it to something. It's pretty light, especially given the weight.
The cord is about 18 inches long, so it doesn't have to be right up next to the stereo, but it can't be too far away.


I wanted to do this but the guy at best buy told me it would cost $250 to install the aux input


How about the glove compartment if you do not want to cut your dash?
If you do cut your dash you can always make a hole bigger but not smaller.


You can always use a ziptie its how i did mine, it hasnt moved in 8 years. I'm not really a fan of cutting panels, anything I did can be removed and you will never know anything was there.


Glovebox or center console.