questionscould this be the best corn on the cob recipe…


It would get my vote! I'll try that next time I grill and get back to you.


Yummmm .... got my mouth watering now!


Well....does it live up to itself? Details, please. It does sound good. I might try it with just the bacon and corn.


Grilled corn on the cob is 5 times better than corn cooked with any other cooking method (except maybe deep fried but I've never seen corn on the cob deep fried). That's without butter, salt, or anything else. Add butter and salt and it's more like 10 times better. Then there are a variety of other ways to season the grilled corn that are fantastically delicious as well. I haven't tried this recipe, but I can guarantee you that it will be awesome just because it is corn on the cob that is grilled.

(Corn still in the shuck that is cooked on the grill isn't grilled corn on the cob. It's steamed corn on the cob. If done on a charcoal grill, this can infuse some of the smoky flavor, but otherwise it's just a waste of time. If you are going to use your grill to cook your corn, shuck it.)


@thepenrod: I disagree.
Corn on the cob is easy. Boil water drop corn in take corn out in 5 minutes.
Eat. No salt no pepper just plain ol peaches and cream sweet corn.

Too much extra work to grill for very little pay off. IMHOP


you had me @ Bacon, and then you add Chipotle!
2 flavors that will make me try just about anything!
commence grocery list....


In a local blind taste test, corn on the cob done in the microwave was voted the best. That's the only way I fix it now.


@caffeine_dude: I never said it was difficult. And grilling it isn't more work than boiling unless you are only grilling the corn. But grilling just one course is silliness.

Have you actually tried grilled corn where the kernels begin to just barely char on the surface and the insides of the kernels almost caramelize? It is divine.


@thepenrod: I've had a little iron smoking box in the corner of my gas grill for years now. Soak hickory chips, grill as usual so I get the control of gas but everything gets a little smoky.
Personally, the bacon sounds interesting, but I just like grilled corn with a little butter & coarse black or, if it's really sweet corn, a touch of cayenne.


@pooflady: Yes, I use the microwave steamer bags for most of my fresh vegetables, as it cooks them in their own steam and maximizes the flavor. On the grill, I prefer corn cooked in the shuck, as it keeps the kernels tender. Cooked directly n the grill makes it too tough for my tastes.


This sounds delicious. Great find!


I was going to ask if it had bacon before I even looked at it. Since it does, the answer is probably yes.

May have to try this if our local store isn't out of fresh corn (again), but minus the peppers because I'm not allowed to have spicy things just now.


True to my word, we tried it this past weekend and it was awesome! Thanks again for the recipe!