questionshow do you feel about steve jobs demise?


About the same way I felt when Gary Coleman died.


Demise is a little harsh. He died a painful death from pancreatic cancer.


Prediction - any negative comments about Steve Jobs will be modded down.

Personally, i feel no more empathy for him that I wouldn't feel for a wino that passed.

Death is tragic, cancer is tragic, the fact that Steve jobs is gone just means that soon I won't have to read about him on slashdot anymore. And that I enjoy.


@dreamaster: I agree with putting no more value on one man's life than another. However, the idea that his innovations are going into a stand still until someone else comes along does make me a little bit sad.


I personally don't like the idea of anyone dying at such a young age, but my regular day to day life won't necessarily be affected. My thoughts and prayers are with Jobs' family and friends, but that's about the extent of my sorrow. He will surely be missed, but I won't be losing sleep over it.



It was not my intent to sound harsh.

I was thinking the other day about the protests on Wall Street, the European Union economy, the status of our get the idea. I wondered what it would be like to be ultra rich like Steve Jobs.

The thought occurred to me that I'd bet Mr. Jobs would trade all his wealth for health....maybe even a few more days or weeks.

I hugged my kid when I got home from work today. A paradigm shift is sometimes a good thing to have happen.

My thoughts are with the family.


I think it's unfortunate. He was responsible for a lot of change when it comes to personal computing, and I'll admit I'm saddened we won't have one of the great minds of out there pushing boundaries and demanding perfection.

I know everyone has their own opinion concerning Apples products and business practices, but you can't argue the fact they changed the personal music device industry (and the music industry itself), they changed how the definition of the mobile phone, and they made tablet computing what it is today; thanks in large part to Steve's drive and innovative thinking.

So I say thanks, and happy trails.

(btw, has a beautiful tribute to him on their front page today)


I think Apple is in trouble.