questionsanyone have email addresses for executive team…


That sucks. Unfortunately I have no email addresses to give you.
If you've really called and emailed every avenue of contact maybe you should post to someplace like Reddit or the like. Companies hate when poor guest services goes viral.


@ipegot: thanks hadn't thought about Reddit. Normally Consumerist has all the info but for some reason it is missing from the posts of others who have done it.


Based on and, lastf@... could be the e-mail address format they use. Use that format for those you want to e-mail on You might try it and see if it bounces...


Unfortunately, I've been in a similar situation with another major retailer, and had no luck resolving it with the retailer.

I would try signing up for My UPS Choice at both your old address and new address. The day before delivery, you'll get an email and the package will be assigned to your account. For a $5 fee, you can then have UPS hold the package, reroute it, or select a delivery window (I think you can select as small as a one hour delivery window, if you don't mind sitting on the doorstep for an hour). The $5 fee is a pain, but it's better than losing the package entirely.

If it's shipped UPS Basic, call the post office, and they can intercept it for you.


I decided to just let Amex handle it, thanks everyone for the ideas