questionsdo you have a song that you feel passionate about?


There's a lot that I feel passionate about, but I guess the one that has to come in first is one that I have lyrics from tattooed on me-- Biffy Clyro's "Machines". There's many reasons I chose it, and it invokes both sweet and sad memories.

The official video (which has one of my favorite versions of the song) doesn't appear to be on youtube, but it is over here:

There is the rather lovely acoustic version, though.


This song is one that my mom and I always sing together: All the leaves are brown...

She's a drummer too, I knew you would link Phil Collins as soon as you mentioned that about your late husband!


@agingdragqueen: Love the Mamas & Papas, too! Great sing-along song(s). Peter, Paul & Mary - another group that I sing way off-key with. ;-)


@jezebelseven: jez Thank you. Had not heard this song. The lyrics are SO haunting.