questionsdo you want a bag of kittens?


Well actually,

This costs $20 and get the opportunity to play with the kittens for 15 mins and you also receive a cupcake. During this time you can also talk to a representative about adopting one of the cats. From my knowledge, animal adoption can be a long process of screenings prior to adoption, they are not going to just start handing out kittens.

Today is National Cat Day.

This is going on until 4pm today, so time is running out. Regardless this is still pretty neat stuff!


Shouldn't that be Bag of Cittens? Sounds like a great fundraiser, assuming all the proper vetting is done. Baby animals are the cutest thing anywhere, but too much handling isn't great for them. I hope they make sacks full of money on it.


Some friends of mine have joked about how someone needs to invent a "kitten service". They deliver a kitten for you to love and pet and play with and then, when it grows up and becomes a boring cat, they replace it with another cute, little, playful kitten. The issue of what to do with the older boring cats seems to be what's holding them back. The idea of working with a less than scrupulous Mexican place looking for meat for tamales was tossed around for a while.

Being a fan of not only kittens but older cats as well (I have two. They're seldom boring), I can not condone this service. But, if you don't think about it too hard, it does sound like a lot of fun.


I have read some studies that contrast the behavior of adult dogs with their adult wild cousins. Many of the common behaviors we observe in dogs are only present in immature animals in the wild. The studies concluded that, because what we want from dogs is primarily companionship, we have bred for the kind of emotional dependency and behaviors that a naturally evolved animal outgrows. In effect, we have bred dogs to emotionally be puppies their whole lives. Yet still some people don't want a dog once it has gotten out of infancy.


@studerc: Most shelters advertise a fairly in depth process for adoption, but unfortunately because of shortage of space and cost issues, it's much more like handing out kittens than it is a long screening process. I know first hand for the shelter here in Seattle that participated in this cool idea (Seattle Humane) - fact is, shelters need homes for the animals and money to keep operating. You fill out a form, pay a fee, and take your kitty. Hopefully a bunch of little kittens found new homes yesterday :)


@studerc: Today is Cat Day, but most animal shelters around here won't adopt them out tomorrow.
And, @gt0163, it's illegal in the States to consume dog, but most states don't even mention cats. It's against Jewish and Islamic laws, like we need that to NOT do it.