questionsdo you clip or bite your fingernails?


Clip, biting is such a bad offense. You can pick up so many germs and get an infection!


Clip. Biting means you're eating the crud that's underneath too ... which is pretty gross.


I clip them, but then I snack on the clippings later.


@samstag: I just threw up a little bit in my mouth...


I used to bite them but then I decided I wanted to stop so I trained myself to clip them regularly. Though if they get too long I do find the urge to bite them is still there.

Toenails on the other hand I still bite!


@narfcake: I've always been one to wash my hands frequently and the nails never get long enough to collect but valid point, most people go a whole day without washing their hands...

@samstag: My God.


A fingernail clipper will set you back less than a dollar at the local drug store. I carry one with me pretty much all the time (can usually even get it through airport security, and if they confiscate it, oh well).

I knew a guy in college who was a habitual nail biter. Actually nail eater might be a better word. It made me sick just sitting next to him in class, I eventually started sitting on the other side of the lecture hall so I wouldn't have to listen to him chomping away. I really would have thought he would have run out of nails to eat before the semester ran out, but somehow he always had more...


Clip - mine and my two kids, even though my son does nibble before I can realize they need to be cut. My wife, nibbles on her nails.


I used to bite, right to the quick. It was a terrible nervous habit. But one day I just stopped biting and now have healthy nails that almost look like I've had a French manicure. (sometimes when I watch scary/suspenseful movies I still bite without realising it until it's too late)
I don't ever use a clipper on my fingernails - I file my nails instead. I have a big rectangle file at my desk at work, and I have a sleek glass file I use at home.


Clip always. Never been a biter. @gideonfrost: I can remember when I was that flexible....