questionsis this the future....or a gimmick?


Man, I don't think I'm ready for the future...


I've Heard about these before... and I'll stick with my smart phone. Not because I don't find them interesting. More like I can't really afford to be on the edge of all the tech that interests me. I'll wait for a couple generations of bugs to be worked out and the price to drop before I get them.

And I haven't looked into it, but I need to wear RX lenses, and I don't think I could easily wear google glasses and be able to see at the same time.


I'm game. This would be great for me at work when running experiments.


It's both the future and a gimmick. The concept is something that we'll see lots of in the future, but it's also not ready for prime time yet.

Think of the early tablet computers released around 2000. A great idea, but the implementation wasn't quite there until the iPad about 10 years later. This will be the same way. It will be another half-dozen iterations before a design comes out that is practical and sells well.


@theant: According to many articles I have read MOST of the prototypes actually are meant to be attached to glasses the user currently has. Soooo, I'll be in for pair. It'd be sweet if it allowed like HUD display of guitar tabs or chords, so you could seem like an ace and look up songs on the fly.


Remember how the general population thought someone with a bluetooth earpiece was a jackass...what do you think we'll be thinking of these people!


I saw a documentary on something like this about 10 years ago. The ultimate goal is to bring civilization back to a "villiage" type of life where everyone knows everything about everyone. The glasses can scan anyone's face in a crowd or on the street and tell you all about that person instantly. No one has any anonymity anymore. Pretty F-ing scary and I don't like it one bit.


@mikecris: Sure, I seen that, it was Nova, with Alan Alda and the glasses were an MIT prototype.


@novastarj: smartphones ARE the prototype for this, combined with the tech that companies have been using to make "video glasses" for watching ipod movies etc for the past 10 years or so. The only thing that might be underdeveloped at this point would be the UI, unless there's some simple remote to navigate and select options, like the early ipods had, maybe


This is the kind of stuff that I've been waiting for. Give it a few more years, and they'll throw this tech onto (or would it be into?) car windshields (no excuse for not knowing how fast you were going, and gps directions would be highlighted right there!) and other places where it would be more than just a novelty. Actually, car windshield is the only major place I can think of at the moment, and I'm finding flaws already (someone will find a way to hack it, and use it to play movies & games while driving, and I don't want to drive on the same road as the people doing that)

Okay, give it 20 more years, then we'll talk.