questionswhy is amazon pushing mp3 credits?


I'm guessing it's because they (I think pretty recently?) just came out with an MP3 Android App so they're trying to get you to use their free app with some free credits and then get hooked so you start buying full priced MP3s.

I'm also guessing they're marketing MP3s over albums because they're more convenient than buying CDs.


@kristiwsu: Are you talking about the amazon mp3 store on Android? If that's what you mean, then that theory doesn't hold water I'm afraid, since that app shipped stock on the very first Android phone in the US (The T-Mobile G1) a few years back.


My guess is they're losing market share to Apple and trying to get some of that back.


My thoughts are similar to those of others. When the same item is the same price at pretty much every place that sells it, people will tend to habitually go to the same place every time to buy them. So if Amazon can get people to think of them first when buying MP3s by getting them used to their interface through downloading free ones, then they will grab a big piece of the market. Also anything that gets a new customer to come "in" and browse is a good thing. They are hoping that you will find five songs you like and get one with the free credit then buy the others.


@mkentosh: Has anyone ever told you that you look like a squid with a very big head?


@kristiwsu: Uhm, they have had an MP3 store app for like 3 or 4 years. I've been on Android for two and a half years, and it wasn't new when I switched.


Loss leader mentality, get you looking with cheap or free...then you will look for other cheap or free stuff. Before you know it you are hooked!


The last time I tried to download one of their MP3 "albums" (305 tracks), I was unable to use the normal "download" procedure. After a long search for their Customer Service dept., a human there told me it's no longer possible to download... you have to "authorize" your PC to get the tracks from the Cloud.

Cloud, schmoud. Extra hassle for no good reason.

If the above is true with all downloads, Amazon probably realizes they are going to piss off their customers, and they're trying to bribe us with extra discounts for a while.

At least it pissed me off when I had to click "download" 305 times to get all the tracks!!!